Full moon in March 2020

Our satellite has a huge impact on everything that happens on Earth. Those who plan their lives are closely watching all phases of the moon and of course they will be interested to know when the full moon will come in February 2020. It is at this stage that the satellite has the greatest impact on people. From what date to what in March the Full Moon will not have to talk about certain dates, since the process itself takes place within one day.

Fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020

Fashion houses have already presented their new collections for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season and it's time to highlight the main fashion trends, following which it will be possible to create vivid images, following photos of designer bows, or creating their own exclusive ensembles. Having analyzed the collections of the most famous fashion trendsetters, we have compiled TOP 10 current trends of the coming autumn and winter, which will help bring variety to everyday life, and also find bright highlights that will be applicable specifically to your style.

Green Card Lottery 2020

The American green card lottery 2020 was launched and now everyone has the opportunity to legally move to the states for permanent residence. You can only submit an application on the official website without paying any fees. Migration issues - where are they going from Russia? The number of Russians who left for permanent residence in other countries varies from year to year.

Simple salads for the New Year 2020

Any housewife will be able to prepare simple salads for the New Year 2020. Among the variety of recipes, you can choose a light snack option or a hearty dish that even the stronger sex can eat. Choose your favorite recipe, experiment and surprise guests. Minimum time spent and a delicious dish on the table.

Baptism in 2020

Almost all the inhabitants of Russia know about Baptism and such a wonderful action as entering an ice hole. Although, probably, all believers are aware of the Christian tradition. The hole cut in the shape of a cross is called the Jordan, and this baptismal ceremony takes place in January. Despite the severe frost, the late hour and fear of the icy elements, people enthusiastically immerse themselves in Jordan to feel renewed.

Scarlet Sails in 2020

The most unusual and spectacular holiday of graduates of St. Petersburg is celebrated on Saturday, the closest to the whitest night, usually at the end of June. It does not have a clear date, as it is directly related to the dates of exams and recent calls. Where this name came from, the history of the appearance, as well as the date of the red sails in 2020, we will tell in this article.

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Renault Arkana 2019-2020

In Russia, they have long been waiting for the New Renault Arkan 2019-2020, as evidence is the data of an official dealer - the first 100 cars were bought within 3 hours from the start of sales. Have Russian drivers hurried up? The review describes all the features of the acclaimed crossover, and also lists the configuration and prices.

Ascension in 2020

Ascension or Ascension Day - one of the twelve (twelve important solemn events after Easter) holidays in the Orthodox calendar. The Ascension is closely connected with the Holy Resurrection of Christ and does not have a fixed date. Therefore, Orthodox Christians annually calculate how much to celebrate the Ascension.

LCD "Lyubertsy" in 2020

LCD "Lyubertsy 2020" will be the next step in the improvement of the coast of Lake Black. The complex will consist of 9 separate buildings of different heights. Exterior finish is planned in discreet colors. Buyers will be able to get apartments in Lyubertsy in 2020 after the completion of finishing work and the installation of plumbing, as well as engineering equipment inside the apartments.

What to give dad for New Year 2020

For the child, the father is the personification of strength, masculinity and stamina. Gradually, children grow up and understand that even the strongest man needs love, understanding and care. One way to express these feelings is to present the right thing that a loved one has long dreamed of. No one better than a son or daughter decides what to give dad for the New Year 2020, because they have known the tastes and preferences of a loved one since childhood.

Grandparents Day 2020

Grandmothers bake the most delicious cakes, and skillfully tell amazing tales. You can always go fishing with grandfathers, or draw beautiful pictures. These people are the only ones whose word means a lot to their parents. The older generation, able to help with advice, wise guidance, and just a warm word.

Lunar calendar 2020

Many people use the lunar calendar 2020 as a kind of guide to life, thanks to which you can find out in advance the course of events. Different phases of the moon affect not only health, but also career, family relationships, love, wealth, etc. Depending on the movement through the constellations and the stage of lighting the Earth’s satellite, a person’s perception of life’s situations changes.

New cars 2019-2020

The brightest car shows of the first half of 2019 have already taken place, and we propose to discuss what new car manufacturers plan to bring to the market in the near future well-known automakers, as well as what will be the interesting new car models 2019-2020. Mercedes GLS Traditionally, most attention at automobile shows was focused on the SUV segment, and Mercedes was no exception, announcing for 2020 the release of another new product - the premium three-row GLS crossover.

Spartak Games Calendar 2019-2020

The Spartak 2019-2020 game calendar is already publicly available on the Web, which anyone can read. Moscow football club continues to be one of the most active. Based on the results of the Premier League, he is ranked 5th, so that from the third qualifying round he will be able to play in the Europa League.

The new form of Atletico Madrid 2019-2020

The first photos of the new Atletico Madrid 2019/2020 form have already appeared on the Internet. At the same time, an official statement from the press service of the club about the approved equipment 2019/2020 has not yet been received. So far, only images of home form for the new season have been presented. Atletico Madrid guest and reserve ammunition remain unknown today.

Moscow State University: tuition fees in 2019-2020

The cost of training at MSU in the 2019-2020 academic year increased, on average, by 15%. Each year, the university improves the quality of education provided and occupies higher positions in the world ratings of universities, so its prestige is constantly increasing. It is deservedly considered one of the most elite higher educational institutions of the country and is of great importance in the world community.

Military pensions from January 1, 2020

Do you know that the law on military pensions is outlawed? How could this happen? - you ask. But very simple. Disagreements arose due to a speech by the president. In 2018, the head instructed officials to increase the length of service benefits for retirees by 2%. But in the official law, which defines all the provisions relating to determining the size of payments, completely different information is spelled out.

Childcare allowance for 2019-2020 (up to 1.5 years)

The birth of a baby is a pleasant and exciting event, however, requiring certain financial savings. It is gratifying that the state is aware of this fact, and in the framework of the current policy on raising demographics, it establishes certain childcare benefits. Not only parents themselves, but also other relatives are entitled to receive this type of material assistance.