Arguments for the final essay in 2020

Ahead is December and the first test of the series of exams awaiting 11th graders in 2020 is the final essay, which means it's time to discuss which areas are most relevant, whether arguments are needed for the topics and how to choose them correctly.

Official admission to the exam

Since 2014, the final, or as it is more often called December, composition plays the role of official admission to the main session of GIA-11. The 2019-2020 school year will not be an exception. Graduates from all regions of Russia will seek literary arguments and reflect on important topics of the December essay.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the first test of 11th graders awaits 04.12.19.

In case of failure, the guys will get two more spare attempts in the form of retakes:

  • February 5, 2020;
  • May 6, 2020.

The date will traditionally be for all regions of the Russian Federation. It is also worth knowing that the exam starts at 10:00 local time (not simultaneously in different regions), but the topics for the regions located in different time zones do not coincide.

The topic of the final essay is always kept secret until the official envelope is unpacked (15 minutes before the start of the test), but FIPI proactively names the directions of the final essay in advance, which allows graduates to pre-select arguments and consider the structure of work. Directions for the 2019-2020 academic year will be announced in September, and we will tell you about it on the pages of the information portal.

Of the important aspects of the final essay, it is worth noting:

  • 235 minutes are allotted for the work (3 hours 55 minutes);
  • for an additional 90 minutes children with disabilities and graduates of correctional institutions have the right;
  • minimum size is 250 words;
  • optimal volume - 350 words;
  • Evaluate the work on the system of "offset / net".

Important! In the case of an unsatisfactory result ("failure") even after 3 attempts, or if the graduate did not write the final essay before the start of the exam, he will not be allowed to pass the main block of exams.

Assessment criteria

Evaluation of work is based on the following basic criteria:

  1. Correspondence of the work to a given topic.
  2. Is the choice of works justified to give examples.
  3. How correctly are the arguments chosen for the final essay on the topic of 2020.
  4. Literacy (spelling and punctuation errors).
  5. The quality and clarity of speech.

Important! The work gets “non-counting" if the essay does not correspond to the topic or the examiner refers to examples that do not correspond to the originally designated topic.

As you can see, the third criterion completely answers the question whether the arguments in the essay that some graduates need at the stage of preparation for the Unified State Examination 2020 are necessary. The justification of the choice of omen and argumentation are important components of the work.

Also note that from 2019 in the essay, the personal attitude of the examinee to the issue under consideration and the position of the author must be present.

Argumentation position

One of the main tasks of the examinees is to select the correct arguments from literary sources for the final essay 2019-2020. As a support, you can use:

  • artworks from the school curriculum (domestic and foreign authors);
  • journalism;
  • works of folklore (except for small genres);
  • sources of world literature;
  • statements of critics.

Important! In the work it is not enough to mention the names of the works, each argument must be supported by concrete examples.

So, in the 2018-2019 academic year, to the 5 proposed areas, it was proposed to use the following sources of support:

For each of the proposed directions in 2020, when they are voiced, it will also be possible to select a fairly impressive list of works, on the pages of which you can find arguments for the December essay. It is worth noting that many of the positions on the proposed list will be repeated, so it’s worth taking it into service.

In anticipation of concretization from FIPI regarding the final essay of 2020, he recommends working out to write arguments for the directions of last season. Practice shows that many areas of different years are similar in nature, although they have different names. So, the direction “The dispute of generations: together and apart” proposed in the 2014-2015 academic year can be disclosed through the same works and arguments as the direction 2018-2019 “Fathers and Sons”.

Universal works

How to prepare for an essay if there are not even directions? At this stage, teachers recommend taking the time to familiarize themselves with the so-called "universal works", in which you can find arguments for many of the most diverse problems.

So, if you understand that you do not have time to re-read everything from the list above, carefully work out:

Some of the works are quite voluminous, but there are also quite small ones, which will take one evening to develop. We recommend that you do not be lazy and analyze each one, compiling your list of arguments and examples in various directions (for now, you can focus on tasks in 2018 and 2019). If you make a complete list of problems, several of which can be submitted to the December essay 2020 exam, then it will include:

  • heartlessness;
  • love;
  • friendship and partnership;
  • power;
  • loneliness;
  • memory;
  • moral choice;
  • patriotism;
  • betrayal;
  • compassion and mercy;
  • honor and dishonor;
  • the beauty and richness of the Russian language;
  • the impact of money on human life;
  • the inner beauty of man;
  • heroism and self-sacrifice;
  • books in human life;
  • art and music in human life;
  • nature.

How universal works will be useful when writing the final essay, see this video:

Watch the video: Essay Writing Part -7 - 6 Important Tips for Counter Argument (December 2019).