CSKA: match schedule for 2019-2020

The capital's football club CSKA lost many strong players, so the team will have a hard time in the new Russian Football Championship. Last time, she took fourth place, going to the Europa League, but now Viktor Goncharenko with his wards plans to get to the prize positions. Both for ordinary fans and for fans of CSKA, the 2019-2020 match schedule is already available. Moreover, the new Premier League RPL season has started, and the first matches have been played.

First half year

July 14, the capital's army team held a tense match with FC Wings of the Soviets, at the end of which they were defeated. The team from Samara beat Muscovites with a score of 2: 0. This is a difficult and unexpected defeat for CSKA, since the football club Krylia Sovetov is in the last but one place in the national rating.

On July 20, the Moscow team clashed at home in a match with FC Orenburg players. Having recovered from the defeat, the army team managed to defeat the enemy with a score of 2: 1. This victory somewhat restored the status of Muscovites, but already on July 28 they will have to fight with their compatriots from the Lokomotiv football club. In the previous Russian Football Championship, this team took second place, therefore it poses a serious threat to CSKA.

On August 4, the army will meet with Rubin away. Players from Kazan do not pose a serious danger to Muscovites, and most bet the latter on victory. On August 11, the Moscow team is waiting for a home match with Sochi. The capital FC is also a favorite here. But already on August 19, CSKA will have to fight with Spartak. Despite the fact that fellow countrymen have recently lost their positions, they still pose a serious threat.

On August 25, Muscovites rivals will be the Akhmat team from Grozny, whose chances of victory are extremely small. A more serious duel for the army will be the away match with Arsenal, scheduled for September 1. The Tula team is the main rival of the capital's FC, since in the rating table it is only one position behind it. September 15, CSKA will be able to relax a bit, playing with an obvious outsider FC Tambov. On September 22, Muscovites will have a difficult match with Krasnodar, which took third place in the last Russian Football Championship. Most bet on the victory of the Krasnodar FC.

On October 6, 20 and 27, Muscovites will fight with the weaker teams Ural, Rostov and Ufa. On November 3, a match is scheduled with the current champion Zenit. Most believe that St. Petersburg will defeat Muscovites. Qualification of the Champions League 2019-2020, the schedule of which is already on the network, went well for CSKA, but few believe in the victory over the team from St. Petersburg.

On November 10, a rematch will take place with Sochi, and on November 24 with the Wings of the Soviets. Given that in the first match the team from Samara won an unexpected victory, it is difficult to predict the result of the second game. On December 1 and 8, the army will have two more difficult matches with “Arsenal” and “Krasnodar”, after which they will be able to go on a winter break.

Second semester

CSKA will open the second half of the new Premier League RPL season of the Russian Premier League with a game with Ural. The match will take place on March 1, and many believe that the team from Yekaterinburg has great chances to defeat an opponent from Moscow. On March 8 and 15, fights with Rostov and Ufa will take place, which do not pose any risks for the capital's FC, and a rematch with St. Petersburg Zenit is planned for March 22. This time, CSKA will take opponents at home, so many believe in the chances of victory for the army.

April 5, Muscovites rival will be fellow countrymen from Dynamo, but the likelihood of their victory is much lower. The second half of April for CSKA will be held without much stress. On the 12th, the team will have a game with Spartak, 19 with Akhmat, and 26 with Orenburg. The CSKA 2019-2020 game calendar suggests that the beginning of May also does not pose a risk to the army team. 3 numbers they will fight at home with Kazan “Ruby”, where, most likely, will win.

May 29 will be one of the most difficult matches for Muscovites with Lokomotiv. Given that the capital FC will play away, many do not believe in its victory. The team will end the year with an easy game with Tambov, whose level is much lower.


The total renewal of the squad that the team suffered last summer, this time practically did not affect it. The management of PFC CSKA, the 2019-2020 game calendar for which has already been published, has updated the players in the defense center. This may affect the success of the army team both on the positive side and on the negative. Given that Muscovites have already conceded three goals in their first two games, many experts consider this decision to be not the most successful. Analysts believe that in the new season, “Zenith” champion defends. Petersburg FC extremely successfully updated the players on the defense flanks, so it is much more promising for victory. CSKA, however, in a successful scenario, predicts a rise to 3 places or maintaining 4 positions.

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