The new form of FC Lokomotiv for 2019-2020

Photos of the new Lokomotiv FC uniform for 2019-2020 were published on the club's website last month. The kits have an exclusive design, but the traditional color palette is fully preserved. Like last season, the equipment was developed by a technical sponsor - the American company Under Armor.

Basic kit

Under Armor is not the best-known supplier of sports equipment in club European football, but the Americans were able to present models with interesting small details to the club. They are made on the basis of an elastic material in which thermostatic characteristics are improved and lightness is provided. The product design, color palette and traditional wrench logo showcase the classic railway attributes typical of the club.

The home version of the new form of the Locomotive for the 2019-2020 season is made in red and green colors. T-shirt green with a red edging on the sleeves and collar and the Russian Railways logo on the chest. Long-sleeves, like leggings, are green, and cowards are red.

The team has already played one home game in a new form. In the opening round of the Russian Premier League, fans saw the main set of FC Lokomotiv season 2019-2020. The game with Kazan Rubin ended in a draw 1: 1.

Replacement kit

The guest form is made in white and green colors. According to official information, in the process of developing the second set, designers also focused on the attributes of the longest railway in the world. In such equipment, there are only victories ahead, which was confirmed by the game with Zenit.

The away set was tested in the match for the Russian Super Cup, where Loko met with the country's champion - St. Petersburg Zenit and deservedly won with a score of 3: 2.

Reserve kit

The third option is made entirely in graphite shade. Additional red inserts are provided at the top of the T-shirts.

The team has not yet used the kit in official games. It is planned that the reserve kit will be used before the start of the Champions League group stage matches.

UNDER ARMOR began to create the Lokomotiv uniform for the 2019-2020 season a year and a half ago, so it is 100% exclusive. The partnership of the club with the supplier provides players with equipment not only of the main and youth teams, but also the women's team, as well as the academy of the football club.

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