Salaries of civil servants in 2020

The government intends to implement a program to increase the salaries of civil servants in 2020, of which there are currently 1.6 million people. This is evidenced by the fact of an increase in financing of the state apparatus and officials of various departments by 600 billion rubles. In addition to increasing the prestige of public service, in this way the government will try to reduce the corruption component and increase the motivation for the performance of official duties by officials at all levels. This will be implemented as part of the reform of the wage system, approved by order of the President of the Russian Federation "On the main directions of development of the civil service."

Prerequisites for Enhancing

Despite the intensification of the crisis in the country's economy, accelerating inflation and a total increase in prices, the salaries of officials have long been out of sight of the government. And the prestige of public service began to decline, as did the efficiency of such employees. To solve this problem and bring officials' income to an acceptable level, it was decided to increase funding for this budget expenditure item over the next few years.

The logic of the government is clear and simple: if you provide high salaries to civil servants, they will be more responsible in fulfilling their duties and will not abuse their position. It is in this way that the work of such employees abroad is built, where they are provided with a high level of payments in comparison with representatives of other professions. But in the Russian Federation they decided to follow their own scenario and did not take care of increasing responsibility for breaking the law, did not develop a procedure for dismissing employees for not fulfilling official duties, and did not introduce a mechanism for monitoring the activities of officials. Given these factors, the increase in salaries for civil servants in 2020 can only be perceived as a tool to improve their material wealth, and not as a method of struggle for high quality work.


It is assumed that the salary of civil servants in 2020 will be indexed to inflation, although since 2013, despite the growing economic crisis, the government refused to conduct such an operation. This was due to the growing budget deficit, external sanctions and the requirement of the President of the Russian Federation to reduce costs and subsidy programs. The first to be hit were civil servants who temporarily froze indexation of wages. But even with this in mind, the salaries of such workers gradually increased: the average indicator for the system for the reporting period 2017-2018. amounted to 115.7 thousand rubles, as indicated by Rosstat.

Indexing next year will be carried out taking into account the official rate of inflation, although in fact its value is an order of magnitude lower than the real one. Due to this, the income of officials will grow by 4%. However, contrary to expectations, you should not count on indexing on January 1: such an operation will be carried out no earlier than October 1, 2020. The source of financing for such payments will be the state budget, where this item of expenses for the next year will be laid.

Other changes

The government decided not to confine itself to indexing and guarantee a gradual increase in the cash supply of civil servants. Part of the allocated funds will be used to increase salaries and bonuses for labor efficiency. The rest of the money will be transferred to officials as targeted thanks. But only employees who were noted in the process of implementing the presidential "May decrees" can count on this.

At the same time, other privileges and bonuses that officials could count on earlier were retained. We are talking about a full social package, insurance and other material benefits. Moreover, the most prestigious job remains in the Presidential Administration and the Government Office, as evidenced by the average level of their salaries and the size of bonuses.

Reduction of officials

The increase in civil servants' salaries in 2020 will be carried out after a reduction in their number, as indicated by the latest news. This will make it possible to release part of the funds for the implementation of the planned innovations. To this end, conditions for hiring and conducting routine certification will be tightened, as well as requirements for the level of professional development will be revised.

At the moment, work is underway to create a regulatory framework for the full development of public service. It is assumed that the new methodology and certification system will be implemented before the end of 2019.

In order to identify the staff with the highest degree of professionalism, before reducing the staff of the state apparatus, the quality of work of its employees will be monitored. Officials who do not pass the test or receive the lowest score during certification will be dismissed from their posts.

Until January 1, 2021, the government initiates measures to improve methods for assessing the professional qualities of civil servants. As part of the reform, the structure of cash payments to officials will also be changed: a phased reduction in the share of premiums and an increase in the share of salaries. And to optimize the work, it is planned to create a separate resource for the development of the civil service, although it is not yet clear which department will be involved in its development.

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