Pictures for the New Year 2020

The long-awaited winter holidays are just around the corner and it's time to pick up creative pictures and New Year mini-cards for the New Year 2020 - we have prepared a selection of interesting pictures for children and adults, which will be relevant in the coming year of the Rat.

On the night of Tuesday 12/31/19 on 01/01/20 we will see off the year of the Yellow Earth Pig (Boar) and celebrate the year of the White Metal Rat (Mouse).

The images presented on the pages of our website can be saved on a computer, tablet or smartphone for further congratulations to friends, relatives or colleagues on the upcoming 2020.


Choice No. 1 for the New Year 2020 is universal pictures depicting winter nature or the Christmas tree with a laconic congratulatory inscription, because on their basis you can realize a lot of original ideas.

  1. The image can be printed and hung in the office.
  2. By placing the picture on half of the A4 sheet, you can get an excellent postcard, which you can add to your wishes afterwards.
  3. With the help of a graphic editor, pictures can be supplemented with poems or photographs of people to whom congratulations are addressed by creating a unique digital postcard.

Mini-pictures for SMS

On the eve of the holidays, it’s also worth picking up miniature Christmas pictures (universal and with the symbol of 2020), optimized for sending to SMS and popular messengers Viber, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Mini cards have two main advantages. Firstly, miniature Christmas pictures have a resolution of 500 × 500 pixels, so they will open beautifully on smartphones, which is very important, because in 2020 most people communicate using gadgets. Secondly, such cards will not take up much space in the device’s memory (with excellent visual quality, the image size varies from 50 to 70 Kb).

Santa Claus and Santa

In 2020, colorful pictures with the main characters of the New Year holidays - Santa Claus and Santa Claus will enjoy constant popularity.

Such congratulations can be sent to friends not only on December 31, but also on the eve of the holidays, because they depict good wizards in a hurry to deliver the long-awaited gifts under the Christmas tree.


Beautiful Christmas pictures with cartoon characters will help to give friends in anticipation of 2020 an unforgettable feeling of a holiday that has been living in everyone’s soul since childhood. In our selection you can find both postcards with Mickey Mouse, as well as options with well-known to all the heroes of the domestic cartoons "Prostokvashino", "Well, wait a minute", "Masha and the Bear."

Rat is a symbol of 2020

When collecting your exclusive collection of Happy New Year greetings, be sure to pay attention to the pictures with the 2020 symbol - Rat (or Mouse). Although according to the eastern calendar the White Metal Rat will be the symbol of the year, on postcards you can meet a variety of its relatives: cartoon characters, rats of various stripes, cute mice and even hamsters.


Traditionally, New Year's pictures are decorated with chimes - the rat coming in 2020 will not be an exception. We have collected the most original mini-cards with the image of the watch dial, decorated in a festive New Year theme.

We advise you to send such a congratulation a few minutes before midnight, complementing it with a beautiful rhymed congratulation in the theme "Happy New Year" or "New Year is coming soon."

New Years Eve

Love cool New Year greetings and pictures - we offer to please relatives and friends for 2020 with delicious postcards that depict thematically decorated gingerbread cookies, cinnamon sticks and oranges.

Such a congratulation will definitely not be left without attention and will present a festive mood with notes of home comfort.

Christmas decorations

Another creative idea for 2020 is pictures with Christmas toys, which for many symbolize the New Year. This season, motley balls with the image of touching mice will be especially popular, but in our selection you can also find a universal option that looks no less festive.


There is no doubt that animated pictures are the most original present for the New Year 2020. Classic, with mice and various forest animals, Santa Claus and Santa - they always attract attention. But, such a present should not be sent to SMS, because even a small New Year animation can weigh 300 Kb or more. It will take a long time to load and can take up to 10 times more space in the phone’s memory than a classic mini-card.

But, if Internet traffic is not limited, and congratulations will be viewed on a computer screen - feel free to send an animated postcard.

To view the effect of animation, click on the picture.


New Year's jokes - that’s what really cheers you up when everyone is tired of waiting for the promised New Year holidays, and the holiday does not come and come. But keep in mind that not everyone is ready to understand and accept the subtle New Year’s humor, therefore sending such pictures is only worthy to close friends with whom you are “on the same wavelength”.

As you can see, the choice of pictures for the New Year 2020 is more than huge. It remains only to make a choice, download the image and please friends, relatives or colleagues!

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