America's Cup 2020

America's Cup 2020 - 47th draw of the main men's football tournament among South American teams. These competitions, as before, will be organized by the CONMEBOL structure, which manages football in South America. Their duration will be 1 month, and the games themselves will start on June 12 and will end on July 12.


Previously, the tournament was held only for odd years, but in 2017 CONMEBOL suggested changing this rule and assign it to even ones. Therefore, the next America’s Cup will be held in 2020, and the next in 2024. This innovation is made so that the competition takes place almost simultaneously with the UEFA European Championship. In 2018, the FIFA Council supported this decision, so next year the tournament will be held on the same dates as Euro 2020.

The above update is not the only change. Since 1983, there was a rule according to which all games within the framework of the event are held in only one country, chosen in advance. Next year will be the first when the tournament will be held in two states at once - Argentina and Colombia. This is the answer to the question of where the America’s Cup 2020 will be held, which was of interest to many fans. This decision was made in March by CONMEBOL.

The new competition format was officially approved in April during the congress of a football organization held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If previously only teams from South America played, now teams from all over the continent will take part in the matches. It is noted that the changes could be accepted due to the high profit received from the 2016 tournament.


America's Cup will be held in 9 cities, in each of which stadiums for football matches have already been prepared:

  • "Juan Domingo Peron" in Avellaneda;
  • El Campin in Bogota;
  • Mario Compes in Cordoba;
  • The Bombonera in Buenos Aires;
  • "Malvinas Argentinas" in Mendoza;
  • Unico in Santiago del Estero;
  • "Atanasio Girardot" in Medellin;
  • Metropolitan Roberto Melendez in Barranquilla;
  • "Pascual Guerrero" in Cali.

Initially, the US federations wanted the event to take place in their country, but the request with such a request was rejected. Russia, China and Qatar were also considered options for hosting the games, but no applications were received from these countries. Colombian President Ivan Duque said that the final match will be held in the country.


The tournament will consist of four rounds:

  1. Group stage.
  2. Quarter finals.
  3. Semifinals.
  4. The finale.

For the group stage, all participating teams are divided into two groups: Northern and Southern. Each of them consists of 6 teams. The first group will hold matches in Colombia, and the second - Argentina. Games are played according to the standard all-against-all system. After each match, depending on the result, the teams will receive a certain amount of points:

  • 3 are awarded for victory
  • in case of a tie, 1 is sent to the piggy bank;
  • the losing team gets 0.


If two or more teams have the same number of points, they are divided taking into account the following factors:

  • the difference in goals scored for all group games;
  • the number of goals that were scored during the whole group stage;
  • results of in-person matches.

Sometimes it happens when, even taking into account the above data, two opponents have the same number of points. In this case, a penalty shootout is appointed, after which the leader is determined. The four teams with the highest scores go to the quarter finals.


America's Cup 2020, the table for which has already been drawn up, includes 12 national teams from the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Peru;
  • Chile;
  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia
  • Qatar.

10 of the listed teams are included in CONMEBOL, and 2 more are invited. A schedule will be drawn up for the tournament in accordance with which the planned games will be held. Depending on the results of matches, changes may be made to it.


So far, experts do not give such far-sighted forecasts about the results of the event, before which almost a whole year has remained. Most of the discussions are about the national teams of the host countries - Argentina and Colombia. In the first state, the tournament was last held in 2011. At that time, there were many strong players in its structure, including Lionel Messi, but the team could not advance beyond the quarterfinals. Experts note that on the account of the Argentines there have been no significant victories for a long time. This time the team will include such famous football players as: Messi, Aguero and Dybala. They will provide an attack line, which should become the main trump card of the team.

In Colombia, the last America's Cup was held in 2001. The national team was able to reach the final, where she defeated Mexico and received her only title. Most believe that Argentina will win this meeting. But, keep in mind that Brazil will also take part in the tournament. The team has recently shown good results. She was able to win the America's Cup 2019 by defeating Peru in the final. For two years in a row, Chile held the title. Argentina, in 2019, took third place, seriously gaining momentum. Nevertheless, her chances of winning are estimated lower due to the recent scandal, as a result of which Lionel Messi can be suspended from the game for 2 years.

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