The codifier of the exam in social studies in 2020

As in previous years, in 2020, school graduates will not be obliged to take social studies. A certificate of passing the exam in this discipline will be needed only for those who plan to enter further on such specialties as legal, economic, pedagogical, etc. In general, the range of professions where positive results of the exam in social science are necessary is extremely diverse and wide.

Students of the last classes who have chosen the above or adjacent areas of future activity, the first thing to do is to carefully read the codifier of the exam in social studies. This is an official document that contains a list of topics to be passed during the exam, and requirements for graduates. The codifier is designed specifically for educational institutions in accordance with state standards in the field of education. Graduates who are already firmly determined with their profession must fill out and submit an application for testing in advance. Then you should immediately begin preparing for the assignments.

Contents of the exam (first section)

As mentioned above, the exam codifier consists of two sections. The first indicates the topics to be passed, the second indicates the requirements for knowledge and skills of students in schools. All test items are shown in tabular form and distributed in the following blocks:

  • Man and society (18 points).
  • Economics (16 points).
  • Social relations (14 points).
  • Policy (15 points).
  • Right (20 points).

It is important to note that the above list includes not only questions of the basic level of training. Students will have to work out a number of points additionally, in addition to the amount of knowledge that was given in school classes.

In the framework of these disciplines, specific test tasks are prepared (in total 29 are given). They are divided into two types: those for which it is enough to give a brief answer, and, conversely, requiring a detailed presentation of the material. Tests of the first type include tasks from 1 to 20, of the second type - from 21 to 29.

Each of the types, in turn, contains tasks of varying degrees of complexity. In tests of the first type, questions 1 through 8 relate to the basic level, from 9 to 20, to an increased level. In tasks of the second type, points 21 to 22 are considered simple, the rest are complicated. In general, we must admit that preparing for the exam should be serious, since the requirements for knowledge and skills are very high.

Content of the exam (second section)

The second section of the Unified State Examination 2020 codifier outlines the requirements of a practical and theoretical plan that every student must choose to choose as a compulsory discipline. Simply put, this is what a pupil of a school should know, understand and be able to do. So, for example, one should be aware of issues of socialization of a person, laws and development trends of the state and society, the importance and necessity of legal regulation, etc. It is necessary to learn to state social facts, circumstances, phenomena from the point of view of science, to find causal relationships between them and explain them.

As part of a knowledge test, the student must prove with concrete examples the understanding of the theoretical teachings passed, be able to find the necessary information from primary sources, systematize and generalize, justify and formulate his own conclusions based on it. He will need to evaluate the actions of subjects from the point of view of social norms and practical expediency. Each graduate should know how to prepare an essay, review, review on the problem being studied, etc.

Conducting an exam

In 2020, testing by the codifier will be conducted according to the same rules as in previous years, with one exception - the venue. Now it is subject to organization in any educational institution, but under certain conditions. So, the responsible persons should take care in advance of equipping the allocated audiences with video cameras, observation posts. Passing testing within the walls of their own school, according to the Ministry of Education, will help graduates to reduce the degree of tension during the already difficult test, which is the exam.

The relevance of the results of the exam in social studies is due to the fact that it includes checking the foundations of a wide range of knowledge in the fields of sociology, economics, law, cultural studies, philosophy and sets a high standard for graduates. Even in order to get the lowest possible score, you need to work hard. The presentation of material in these disciplines will require a thorough knowledge of scientific definitions and terms, good knowledge of the literary language, and not everyday, structured presentation of information.

Those interested can familiarize themselves with the current codifier 2020 on the FIPI website There are also available demos of previous years for self-study.

Watch the video: Open Meeting of August 22, 2019 (January 2020).

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