Drawings for the New Year 2020

Love to draw with pencil, paints or in computer programs - we will tell you which drawings will be relevant for the New Year 2020, how to draw popular New Year characters, and also offer many creative ideas for children and adults.

Following the advice of professionals, you will get a lot of vivid emotions, creating beautiful drawings with your own hands, which can also be an original gift to friends or relatives for the New Year 2020.

How to draw?

Today, there are many high-quality art materials, each of which has its own characteristics and provides certain opportunities.


If we are talking about children's creativity, then a high-quality set of colored pencils is the best option. The basis for the pencil picture is paper. Even thin office sheets can be used, but landscape, paper, or cardboard are more acceptable.

Crayons (pastel technique)

In the visual arts, different types of pastels are used:

  • with an oil base (wax);
  • dry pastel (soft and hard).

Oil-based crayons are more used as apprenticeships. Dry pastel is a professional material, but soft and hard crayons will be needed to create a drawing. As a basis for drawing using special paper with a fleecy or rough surface, as well as a special cork board.


One of the most popular art techniques, the advantage of which is the use of water-based paints, which allows for beautiful transitions between shades. Basis - special paper for watercolor painting.


Unlike watercolors, oil is painted on canvas or on wood. This method can be safely chosen for those who want to make not just drawings, but unusual mini-presents for the New Year 2020.

Oil paint creates textured strokes, so to work effectively with it you need to gain some experience.


Acrylic paints are quite popular today and for many are an alternative to oil. But, when choosing a material, keep in mind that acrylic is very allergenic. Such paints are not recommended for children!

What to draw?

Having dealt with the features of drawing tools, we turn to interesting ideas for creativity. On the eve of the New Year 2020, the following figures will be relevant:

  • winter landscapes;
  • Christmas tree;
  • Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and forest animals;
  • Santa Claus, deers and elves;
  • the symbol of the New Year 2020 is a rat (or mouse);
  • hand-drawn cards;
  • coloring books.


Universal New Year's drawings, the relevance of which will continue in 2020, because they can be created with pencil, crayons, paints and even felt-tip pens. Most often, such winter pictures depict:

  • snowy forest or park;
  • a frozen pond or river;
  • village house;
  • snowdrifts.

For more information on how to properly paint landscapes, see the video tutorial:

Christmas tree

Herringbone is the easiest element of the New Year theme, because even a baby can portray a green beauty with bright balls and garlands.

We bring to your attention several options for the image of an integral symbol of the New Year.

Santa Claus and his friends

It is with Santa Claus that all the magic of New Year's Eve is familiar to everyone since childhood. To complement your New Year's drawings by 2020 with the image of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden, as well as their furry helpers (bunnies, squirrels, chanterelles, bears and other forest inhabitants), tips for children and adults gathered in these videos will help:

Santa Claus and his friends

The European colleague of our Santa Claus, the kind wizard Santa, has also become a favorite children's hero and, like a New Year's symbol, he can also be portrayed by thinking through his exclusive drawings for 2020.

Santa is most often painted in the company of faithful deer, who help him deliver gifts to the children, or together with the elves, without whom the process of selecting and packing New Year's surprises will not do.

How to draw Santa for the New Year also see in the video:

Rats and mice

The upcoming 2020 will be held under the auspices of the Rat, so the cute faces of these cute pussies and their close relatives (mice) should also be included in the New Year's drawings.

In addition to realistic rats, the heroes of the favorite children's cartoons: Mickey Mouse, Raratuy, and also the mouse from other paintings will be very popular in the coming year.

You can draw a realistic rat by following a simple algorithm:

How to draw the main character of the cartoon Ratatouille, see the video tutorial:


An exclusive gift on the eve of 2020 may be exclusive New Year's drawings-cards with the image of a Christmas tree, a smiling Rat or Santa Claus, as well as supplemented with rhymed wishes.

Coloring pages

For the smallest artists who are just beginning their journey in the visual arts, you can offer a fascinating lesson - to revive New Year coloring with bright colors. By the way, it is not necessary to follow the one-to-one pattern. Taking the outline of the image as a basis, and supplementing it with its own elements (for example, a symbol of the year, an inscription, a Christmas tree with toys, etc.), the baby will be able to create his own exclusive Christmas-themed drawings. Also, based on coloring, you can make an exclusive New Year's card, placing the image so that it occupies only half the sheet.

Here are some of these coloring pages. You can save the image to your computer and simply print it on paper using a printer.

We draw on the computer

An alternative to paints and pencils is computer graphics. Drawing with a computer is easy and interesting, and in case of failure, you can always delete the failed element.

You can create New Year's drawings for the New Year 2020 in different programs:

  • MS Word (if there are no graphic editors);
  • Tux Paint (for children);
  • Paint (sewn into Windows OS);
  • Photoshop
  • CorelDRAW;
  • GIMP
  • Krita and others.

There are also many online sketches in which you can create ordinary or even animated pictures. You can even create an original live photo or picture through a smartphone. You will learn how to do this by watching the video lesson:

Watch the video: How to Draw Hole 2020 Next Year - Nuevo Año 2020 en 3D. Art for Kids (January 2020).

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