OGE Biology in 2020

Along with other subjects of the OGE 2020, FIPI planned to make changes to KIMs in biology in the new year, which means that the preparation of ninth-graders should begin with familiarization with the innovations that await them in exams.

We will tell you how GIA-9 will differ in the format of 2019 and 2020, what new will appear on tickets and when the date of testing on biology of the preliminary and main period will become known exactly.

Exam format

Valerian Rokhlov (the head of the FIPI development team working on a new promising OGE model in biology) in his interview focused on the huge gap between biology as a science and the course that was previously taught in schools. With the advent of a new educational standard in 2010, teachers took a course on a system-activity approach and the practical orientation of all the knowledge acquired by students, which radically changed the approach to learning. Accordingly, the new GIA-9 tickets should become different, given the changing requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard and the expected results of educational programs

Although the content of CMMs will significantly change in 2020, the format for conducting the OGE on biology as one of the subjects of the GIA-9 will remain unchanged.

  • assignments cover class 5–9 material;
  • exam duration - 3 hours (180 minutes);
  • Venue - native school;
  • allowed to use - ruler and non-programmable calculator.

It is expected that in 2020 the OGE in Biology will pass a larger number of graduates completing Grade 9, because the total number of subjects submitted to the GIA-9 will be increased to 6. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the complexity of the subject, because for its successful completion it is necessary to master a large amount of information, covering general issues, flora and fauna, as well as the structure of the human body and the basic rules for maintaining health.

When exactly the preliminary and main session of GIA-9 2020 will take place, and on which days the biology exam will be held, will be known closer to November 2019. You can read more about the important dates of the GIA-9 FIPI calendar on the pages of our information portal.

Major changes

You can talk about what biology tickets will be for OGE 2020 today, because new promising CMM models and specifications are posted on the FIPI website.

In 2020 KIMs, graduates of 9th grades will be asked to complete 26 tasks (in 2019 there were 32 of them).

The distribution of questions by topics will be as follows:




Biology as a science and its methods



The system, diversity and evolution of wildlife



Human organism. Health.


Thus, as can be seen from the table, most of the attention will be paid to the particular section of the study of man.

If we consider the difficulty levels of questions in the tickets of the United State Examination, then in 2020 we will get the following gradation:

Level of difficulty








It is also worth noting that in the new KIMs the number of tasks with the proposed answer options will significantly decrease. Although the questions themselves will be similar to those presented on the 2019 tickets, the examiner will no longer receive a convenient clue. Instead of such beloved tests on the OGE in biology by many, children who finish grade 9 in 2020 will meet:

  • assignment for comparison;
  • open questions;
  • biological tasks;
  • environmental tasks.

It will be necessary to demonstrate the ability to work with information presented in the form of text, images, tables, as well as charts or graphs. Among the announced innovations there are also questions about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Important! As the discussion of innovations continues until December 2019, some changes may still occur in the ticket structure. But, they certainly will not be very significant.


Having successfully answered all questions covering the program from grades 5 to 9, at the OGE 2020 in biology, a graduate will be able to score 48 points (in 2019 there were 46).

Thus, the number of questions will decrease by 10, and the maximum score will increase by 2. Obviously, the criteria for evaluating the examination papers of the 2019-2020 academic year will radically differ from last year.

The distribution of the maximum possible score for completing tasks will be as follows:




№ 1, 2, 6, 9, 12, 17, 18


№ 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23


№ 24-26

Answer form No. 1 is checked automatically, and form No. 2 by experts. That is why it is necessary to write detailed answers legibly and accurately, and short ones should be well readable for a computer.

The results of the GIA-9 affect the grade of the certificate, therefore test scores are interpreted in the format of a classic school grade using the correspondence table recommended by FIPI:










2 (did not pass)

And this means that in order to receive a document on education and transfer to non-core 10th grade, it is quite enough for a graduate to score 13 test points.

Of course, for those who want to continue their education in college or in a specialized chemical and biological class, you will need to score a minimum of 33-35 points in biology and demonstrate an equally high result in the chemistry exam.

Secrets of preparation

The key to the successful completion of the OGE in biology is systematic preparation, taking into account the innovations of 2020.

First step On the way to a high result, there should be a repetition of the theoretical foundations from biology courses for grades 5–9. To do this, you can use school textbooks or special editions of the FIPI, designed for the 2019-2020 academic year, taking into account the new requirements. Various schemes, tables and posters illustrating difficult moments will help facilitate memorization.

Second step - development of the skill of solving examination tickets. Since the OGE on biology can seriously change in 2020, it is worth choosing options for practical tasks adapted to the new KIM format.

It’s easiest to repeat the forgotten terms with online tutors who post a lot of useful videos to prepare for OGE completely free. We offer you to watch a video lesson about the human muscle and circulatory systems:


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