Sick pay in 2020

The principle and rules of sick leave payment in 2020 will be similar to those that were valid in previous years. The amount will be calculated on the basis of average daily earnings and insurance work experience. The only changes will affect the maximum size of the allowance and, possibly, the minimum if the Government approves the new minimum wage.

Calculation Rules

The basis for the extradition of a sick leave may be the employee's incapacity for work or the need to care for sick family members. An obligatory condition for receiving compensation for days of absence from the workplace is official employment and deductions from the salary of contributions to the Social Insurance Fund. All issues regarding the payment of temporary disability benefits are regulated by law No. 255-FZ as amended on 12/27/2018.

To pay for sick leave in 2020, the following rules are considered:

  1. The calculation is made from the 1st day of illness: the first three are paid by the employer, then the FSS.
  2. If the sick leave is due to an industrial injury or occupational disease, the benefit does not depend on the length of service and is always paid at 100%.
  3. If the disease began during the holidays, the latter is extended for the corresponding number of days or the employee is given a similar period in another period. The sick leave is paid according to the standard scheme.
  4. The employer is obliged to make calculations within 10 days after the employee submits the certificate of incapacity for work, and the payment - together with the nearest salary.
  5. When caring for family members, the maximum possible paid period depends on their age and other nuances.
RelativePossible duration
For one sick leaveTotal throughout the year
Child under 7 years oldWithout Borders60
A child under 7 years old in the presence of diseases from the FSS special listWithout Borders90
Child 7-15 years old1545
Disabled child (up to 18 years old)Without Borders120
A child under 18 years of age with HIV or other diseases (Art. 6 p. 5 No. 255-FZ)Without BordersWithout Borders
Another member of the family730

General calculation procedure

The calculation of the sick leave in 2020 is based on the employee’s earnings for 2 years preceding the start of the disease. The procedure for calculating the amount of compensation will be as follows:

  • Determine the average daily earnings (D) according to the results of 2 years according to the formula:

D = (Year1 + Year2) / 730, where

Year1 and Year2 - the amount of earnings for the last two years, 730 - the number of days for the same period (if one year was a leap year, the value 731 is used).

  • Multiply the resulting number by the number of days of absence from work (according to the certificate of incapacity for work).
  • To take into account the insurance period for the total amount - the time during which insurance contributions were made on his behalf. The following ratios apply:
Number of years of experiencePayout percentage from salary
Less than 5 years60%
5-8 years80%
Over 8 years100%
  • Compare the amount received with the minimum and maximum benefits, since it cannot go beyond the specified limits.

Payout Limits

The minimum sick leave amount is the border below which the daily allowance cannot be. It is determined on the basis of the minimum wage level and is used in cases where the employee:

  • works less than 6 months;
  • received income below the minimum wage;
  • not been employed the last two years.

The minimum amount is determined by the formula:

Min = 11 607 * 24/730 = 381.6 rub.

The calculation uses the predicted minimum wage indicator for 2020: compared with 2019, it will increase by 2.9%, that is, it will be 11280 * 1.029 = 11607 rubles.

In addition to the minimum, the state has established the upper permissible limit of average daily earnings, which can be used for calculations. Its size changes annually taking into account the maximum amount of insurance premiums in the Social Insurance Fund. Given the fact that income indicators for the two extreme years are used, in 2020 the data for 2019 and 2018 will be valid (865,000 and 815,000 rubles, respectively).

Thus, in 2020, the maximum amount of sick pay per day:

Max = (815 000 + 865 000) / 730 = 2301, 37 rub.

This is the maximum compensation that an employee can expect for each day of absence due to illness. If the real average daily income is more, it is not taken into account and does not affect the size of the payment.

Calculation Examples

Example 1 A. Petrova was sick for 8 days. Income for the last 2 years - 455 500 rubles. The insurance period is 4.5 years, that is, the benefit is calculated in the amount of 60% of earnings.

D = 455 500/730 = 623.97 rubles.

During the illness Petrova A. Will receive 623.97 rubles. * 8 * 60% = 2995, 056 rub.

Example 2 Moiseev Yu. Worked 5 months at his first job and left for 5 days on sick leave. He was paid a salary of 21,000 rubles. (or 700 rubles per day). But the amount of benefits will be calculated on the basis of the minimum wage and the established minimum wage. Thus, for 5 days of absence from work, he will receive 381.6 * 5 = 1908 rubles.

Example 3 For Kovalenko R., sick leave for 11 days is calculated. The insurance experience is 9 years, earnings for 2018-2019 are 830,000 and 845,000 rubles, respectively. For 2018, only 815,000 rubles will be included in the calculation. (as high as possible). The average daily earnings amounted to:

D = 815,000 + 845,000 / 730 = 2,273.97 rubles.

Payment for 11 days of temporary incapacity for work: 2273.97 * 11 = 25 013, 67 rubles.

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