Spartak Games Calendar 2019-2020

The Spartak 2019-2020 game calendar is already publicly available on the Web, which anyone can read. Moscow football club continues to be one of the most active. Based on the results of the Premier League, he is ranked 5th, so that from the third qualifying round he will be able to play in the Europa League.

Scheduled Matches

The team will open the season with a game with newcomers from the Sochi top division. The event is scheduled for July 13th. Already experienced Spartak is a clear favorite in this competition, and most likely will win. Most analysts predict that FC will win the game with 3 points.

You can see, having carefully examined the Spartak 2019-2020 game calendar, that football with the main opponents in the first round will take place in the home arena.

date ofRivalWhere is the match
19.01.1900 SochiHouses
20.01.1900 RostovAway
21.01.1900 TambovAway
22.01.1900 DynamoHouses
23.01.1900 AhmatAway
24.01.1900 CSKAHouses
25.01.1900 Wings of SovietsAway
26.01.1900 ZenithHouses
27.01.1900 UralHouses
28.01.1900 UfaAway
29.01.1900 OrenburgHouses
30.01.1900 KrasnodarAway
31.01.1900 RubyHouses
01.02.1900 LocomotiveAway
02.02.1900 Arsenal TulaHouses
03.02.1900 Wings of SovietsHouses
04.02.1900 UralAway
05.02.1900 ZenithAway
06.02.1900 RostovHouses
07.02.1900 DynamoAway
08.02.1900 KrasnodarHouses
09.02.1900 OrenburgAway
10.02.1900 Arsenal TulaAway
11.02.1900 UfaHouses
12.02.1900 CSKAAway
13.02.1900 TambovHouses
14.02.1900 LocomotiveHouses
15.02.1900 SochiAway
16.02.1900 AhmatHouses
17.02.1900 RubyAway

Having played on July 20 with Rostov and July 27 with Tambov, FC will return home and play a difficult match against Dynamo on August 3. Despite the rich experience of the Moscow team, most analysts do not consider it as serious rivals.

Similarly, experts relate to the football club Akhmat, with which Spartak will fight in the 5th round on August 11. But CSKA can pose a serious threat to the team on the way to the championship. Experienced CSKA will play away on August 18, but this will not prevent them from having a great game. In addition, this match will be the first for Spartak for 6 points, so the voltage is expected to be very high.

On August 25, a game will take place with the little-known Wings of the Soviets team, after which on September 1 FC will clash with Zenit. Analysts believe that this match will be the most difficult in the first round. Petersburgers have repeatedly left Muscovites behind, significantly leaping forward, so the likelihood of opponents winning is very high. Most experts predict Spartak’s defeat, but if necessary, he will be able to collect points in the following games with weak Opponents:

  • September 15 - Ural;
  • September 22 - "Ufa";
  • September 29 - Orenburg.

On October 6, a game will take place with Krasnodar, which has recently gained momentum and has become a serious contender. October 20, Spartak will be able to relax a bit, having a match with the “Ruby”. But already in the 14th round of October 27 he will face a new test in the person of Lokomotiv. Railway workers will play at home. In addition, they can boast of competent defense and counterattack, therefore they pose a risk to Muscovites.

In the 15th round, on November 3, the team will clash with the Tula Arsenal. This football club is not regarded by experts as a serious opponent of the Moscow club. In the same way, “Wings of the Soviets” and “Ural” do not pose risks, with which Spartak will play on November 10 and 24, respectively. But the following rivals of the Moscow football club can create considerable problems for him on the way to the championship.

You can replace it by viewing the Premier League 2019-2020 game calendar that Spartak will play against Zenit again on December 1, who has already won by a wide margin. Muscovites are unlikely to win. On December 8, the 19th round will take place, the last of the year in which the not-so-strong Rostov will become the opponent of the Moscow FC. After that, the clubs of the Russian Premier League will go for a winter break.

The first game in the new year will be held March 1 between Spartak and the not-so-weak Dynamo team. Prospects for victory in this competition between the rivals are estimated approximately equally. March 8, FC is waiting for another challenging opponent - “Krasnodar”. In case of victory, Muscovites will be able to relax for a while, as matches ahead are waiting for matches with “Orenburg”, “Arsenal” and “Ufa”, which will be held on March 15, March 22 and April 5, respectively.

On April 12, the Moscow team will again have to hold a difficult fight with CSKA, which managed to prove itself as one of the most powerful opponents. The game with “Tambov”, scheduled for April 19, will allow the participants of Spartak to relax for a while. But on April 26, Muscovites will face off against Lokomotiv. The railway team has repeatedly shown a good game in defense, so dealing with it will be difficult. She will be the last serious opponent for FC of the year.

The Moscow club will end the year by playing with Sochi, Akhmat and Rubin on May 3, 10 and 17, respectively. The listed football clubs are not in the list of leaders, therefore they do not pose any particular risks.


People who regularly watch football, the calendar of games Spartak Moscow 2019-2020 may be somewhat surprising. The team will have a difficult year, but she still has a chance at the championship. The new head coach Oleg Konov, who took office in the winter, became more familiar with the players and their capabilities. In the summer, changes took place in the composition of the FC, as a result of which veterans left:

  • Denis Glushakov;
  • The Luis;
  • Dmitry Kombarov;
  • Salvatore Boquette.

Also in the team there is an addition in the person of newcomer Esekiel Ponce. The leadership of Spartak set a goal to win the championship and enter the Champions League. For this, Muscovites will be enough to get second place.

See video about the change of leadership in FC:

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