Lunar calendar for November 2020

Man is closely connected with nature, he is an integral part of it. And since the Moon exerts its influence on everything living, then so does we. Changes in the position of the celestial luminary and such phenomena as the full moon and the new moon, our body definitely feels on itself. During these periods, the state of health often worsens; people become aggressive and restless. Find the balance these days will help the lunar calendar for November 2020. Data on productive days in a certain phase of the moon will undoubtedly help in planned projects, ideas and are able to resolve difficult situations in a more efficient way.

Moon phases

What sign of the zodiac is the heavenly body, sunrise, sunset, and all phases of the moon in November 2020, are described in detail below.

date ofDay of the weekLunar dayPhaseZodiacSunrise / sunset timeNote
3Tuesday18.19-Twins18:02/11:44It is better to postpone any business requiring concentration, since at this time it will be difficult to focus on one thing.
7Saturday22.23-a lion21:28/14:16Avoid conflicts and quarrels. On this day, people are impressionable, receptive, and prone to resentment.
8Sunday23.24III quartera lion22:57/14:49
9Monday24-a lion--:--/15:07
12Thursday26.27-Libra03:14/15:52The overall activity will decrease, so you should think about your health and spend this time for the benefit of your body. It's time to think about a vacation.
16Monday1.2+Sagittarius09:34/17:11The day is suitable for concluding various kinds of contracts and transactions. Legal and financial affairs will bring good results.
22Sunday7.8I quarterFish14:24/23:48A positive and harmonious day, everything goes according to plan. Many issues are resolved easily and without extra effort. There will be a kind, friendly atmosphere at work.
26Thursday11.12+Aries15:08/03:29A fruitful time for business cooperation, which is based on mutual understanding and trust. Such partnerships will bring good results.

Favorable days for November 2020

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar for September 2020 fell on the 2nd, 10th and 12th.

November 2 - This time is suitable for diverse transactions related to finance and securities. Carrying out real estate operations or resolving issues regarding property is also doing well. On the other hand, on this day, a tendency to laziness and indifference increases, a desire for coziness and comfort appears, but do not give in to the spleen, otherwise you can skip a really worthwhile business proposal. This day is ideal for getting rid of bad habits that adversely affect health and can make themselves felt very soon. A great moment for romance and rapprochement on a spiritual level. Visit a movie, theater or ballet, this will undoubtedly benefit your relationship.

November 10 - On this day, success awaits gathered, strong-willed and strong people. Moving, traveling and business trips will be successful, since absolutely all trips will be fruitful. All previously worried questions and deeds will be solved in an instant, and people from whom you did not expect at all will help you. In such a period, vital energy and strength increase, you can engage in outdoor activities, sports or any physical activity. Take your household out to the country or cottage, use this time with maximum benefit for yourself and your loved ones.

November 12 - It’s better not to start anything new on this day, but to quickly finish the previously begun questions. You can think and compare the advantages and disadvantages for a long time, but you can’t come to the right judgment. Therefore, the adoption of truly important decisions must be moved to a more appropriate period. Any business will argue, it is best to focus on the old unfinished problems. It is this day that is able to show everything from the other side and is most likely to show up, something missing from your view that will fundamentally change the matter.

Knowledge of the lunar calendar and auspicious days for November 2020 is one of the most important information about the behavior and position of the moon. With the help of these data, you can correctly plan your affairs, minimize dangerous moments, increase income, make suitable cosmetic and wellness procedures that will help to be not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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