New Mitsubishi 2019-2020 years

The Japanese company in recent years has been striving to produce more SUV-class crossovers. Such a strategy is associated with ever-growing demand in this segment. Therefore, for the period 2019-2020, precisely such cars prevail among the Mitsubishi new products.


An updated modification of the popular L200 pickup will go to domestic car dealerships in early 2019.

As a result of the restyling, the car received a bright and easily recognizable appearance, a renovated interior and a significant number of new equipment. The brand new design of the front part in the style of Dynamic Shield, as well as large blocks of head optics in LED design, make a vivid new image of the pickup. In the interior of the L200, the multifunctional steering wheel, the center console device changed and a chrome frame was added for a large number of internal elements.

In transmission, the installation of a new 8-band automatic transmission should be considered an important factor, which made it possible to establish four four-wheel drive operation modes. The range of engines is represented by three diesel engines in 155, 178 and 180 liters. from. and a gasoline unit of 128 forces. The initial cost of the pickup will be 1.90 million rubles.


The restyling for the popular crossover model in Russia is of a point-like nature.

First of all, the 2019 Outlander modification is characterized by a new front-end performance in the Dynamic Shield manner. and modernized head optics. In the stern, a long upper spoiler, wide lights and a bumper with decorative pads stand out.

The main changes in the interior should be called the installation of new front seats with increased lateral support and the changed architecture of the center console. The novelty has modifications with full or only front-wheel drive, and is equipped with motors with a capacity of 146, 168 and 228 liters. from. The price of the basic version will be 1.65 million rubles.


The next generation of the 2019 model, which, according to some reports, may be the last for the car, received a slightly adjusted exterior taking into account modern design directions.

To do this, in the front design, the grille pattern has changed, LED headlights are installed in a new design, and a light bumper trim has been added. In the stern, the SUV received a powerful plastic trim on the bumper and a longitudinal chrome insert on the tailgate.

In the interior, the changes are also small and limited to reworking the central tunnel and installing an advanced multimedia complex with a 7-inch touch screen monitor. As engines will be offered gasoline engines in 117 and 150 liters. with., and for the American market and in 178 forces. The performance of the car is possible with all-wheel drive, and only with front-wheel drive. The price of ASX starts from 950 thousand rubles.

Eclipse cross

Eclipse Cross is a new compact crossover company that combines a spectacular and dynamic appearance, as well as reliability and safety together with modern technology.

The cross is located between the ASX and Outlander models, and the main feature is the coupe-like body design. The front part is characterized by the Dynamic Shield signature design, deep stamping lines and a rapid outline of the windows stand out in the front view, and the feed strikes with unusual lights with a longitudinal insert.

The interior has an original architecture and looks most striking among other crossovers of the company. The off-road coupe is equipped with all-wheel drive and is equipped with a 120 liter petrol unit. from. or a turbodiesel of 160 forces. With both motors, an 8-band automatic transmission or variator is aggregated. The cost of a car starts from 1.35 million rubles.


The restyled Pajero in the external image acquired small changes, of which the most distinctive is the unusual design of the grille associated with the bumper air intakes.

In addition, chrome elements were added to the body design, including a fully chrome trim on the rear lights. The cabin has an enlarged touchscreen monitor from the multimedia complex with the ability to voice commands, as well as a special platform for wireless charging. The interior decoration used high quality materials.

The car will retain all-wheel drive transmission and will be equipped with a 3.0-liter engine (175 hp) in conjunction with a five-speed automatic transmission. The cost of the basic version of Pajero 2019 will start from 3.33 million rubles.

Pajero sport

The second most popular Japanese car in our country is currently undergoing road testing. According to reports, the Sport 2019 modification will receive small changes.

Updates in the design will most likely come down to designing the front part in a corporate style and changing configurations of headlights and taillights. The interior design will change the center console, and will also use better quality materials. The number of innovative systems for comfort and safety will increase.

As engines, the use of improved versions of previously used diesel engines with a capacity of 190 liters is provided. from. and two gasoline in 178 and 250 liters. with ... An 8-band automatic is aggregated with all motors. Sport 2019 has four-wheel drive, but manually disabling the front axle. The cost of new items in the initial version will be 2.50 million rubles.


A restyled version of the tenth generation subcompact will appear in 2019. Updates for the car are planned minimal.

In the exterior, the front part will acquire a corporate identity and a new shape of the head optics, in the frontal view the embossed lines will become smoother, and at the stern the trunk lid size will decrease, the rear spoiler will increase and the lower plastic protection will be added. The interior will feature improved finishing materials and modern multimedia equipment.

2019 Lancer will receive only two engines in 150 and 170 liters. with., which are aggregated with a five-speed automatic transmission or manual transmission. The cost of a passenger car is 1.30 million rubles. The company also provides for the possibility of creating an all-wheel drive version.

Delica d5

The updated minivan is presented at the end of the fall of this year at a special event.

As a result of global restyling, the Mitsubishi Delika 2020 model year received a modern design, which distinguishes the design of the front part in the Dynamic Shield image and the rectangular niches of LED optics. The interior is completely redone through the use of new finishing materials with improved sound-absorbing properties.

The minivan can have seven or eight-seater capacity and will be available in standard versions or in a special version with four-wheel drive. In the line of engines for gasoline units in 151 and 169 liters. from. turbo diesel with a capacity of 145 forces was added. The D5 price starts at 3.85 yen, with initial sales starting in Japan.


Unusual cross-van will be another new company. Compact seven-seater car designed for the countries of Southeast Asia. The expander looks very impressive, thanks to the unusual design of the front part, which is equipped with a lower protection element with integrated foglights and huge niches for the head optics.

The interior architecture is simple enough, which, together with inexpensive finishing materials, indicates a budget class. It should also be noted that with seven-seater occupants, passengers in the third row will obviously not have enough space.

Only one engine of 120 forces is designed for the machine, and the front-wheel drive transmission can be aggregated with a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-band automatic transmission. The approximate cost of cross-van translated into rubles is 850 thousand.


Another premiere for the Asian market will be an updated subcompact Mirage. The changed appearance of the car will make it attractive and stylish. The novelty is developed on the corporate platform CMF-B, which will allow you to create various configurations of the passenger car.

The interior will retain good ergonomics, pleasant comfort and high-quality finishing materials. For equipment, modern security and comfort systems will be used. As powertrains, a 95-liter gasoline engine will be used. from. and diesel in 105 forces.

According to preliminary information, the price of the car will not change significantly and in the initial configuration it will amount to approximately 13.50 thousand dollars.

Eupheme EV

In 2019, Mitsubishi will begin in China the production of an electric crossover under the designation Eupheme EV.

The appearance of EV is associated with great demand for models of the Japanese company, but in the current line there is not enough electric version. The subcompact electric crossover is equipped with an 133 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. This will allow you to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 8.5 seconds. The power reserve on one charge will be 530 km.

The initial price of Eupheme will be 226.50 thousand yuan (about 2.15 million rubles), but at the same time, large subsidies will be provided for buyers to purchase new items.


Among the restyled versions and new 2018-2019 Mitsubishi models there are cars that are popular in our country, which will appeal to Russian customers.

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