Futsal World Cup 2020

Football unites millions. It doesn’t matter in what form: playing on a large field with a green lawn or meeting on a small platform in the hall.

According to FIFA statistics, thirty million people are engaged in futsal worldwide. There are no weather restrictions for indoor soccer. You can play in the rain, snow, wind, at any time of the year.

FIFA World Cup 2020 will be held in the fall: from September 12 to October 4. The hostess of the world championship will be Lithuania. The World Cup moves to Europe from South America. In 2016, the tournament was held in Colombia.

Voting for the selection of the venue

The voting process is a complex and nervous process. FIFA has been shaken by corruption scandals for a long time. Investigations prevented functionaries from making a choice twice. The elections were interrupted one by one: in December 2016 and 2017.

It was impossible to predict where the Futsal Mundial will take place. Applicant countries are scattered across the globe. There and Costa Rica, New Zealand, Lithuania. Many Asian countries represented:

  • Japan;
  • Iran;
  • United Arab Emirates;
  • Kazakhstan.

Add to them the countries that showed interest, but did not form an official application: Egypt, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia, the United States of America, the Netherlands. The interest in the tournament is incredible.

The final election of the host country for the 2020 World Cup was held in October 2018. The victory was won by Lithuania. It is worth noting that UEFA President Alexander Ceferin actively expressed support for Lithuania.

Tournament Rules and Format

In the final part of the World Cup fall 24 teams. The host country automatically takes one place. Teams are divided into six subgroups, each of which has four members.

The teams from the first and second places go to the play-off round. They will be joined by the four best teams, who took third place. At the Futsal World Championships, the finals and the match for bronze are played.

Each game at the world championship consists of two halves of 20 minutes, while this is a “clean” time. One match is played at each stage of the playoffs. If in the main time the winner was not identified, the teams play two additional halves of five minutes. Further, if necessary, the teams participate in the penalty shootout.

The distribution of places in the final stage by continent

Each football federation organizes its own qualification tournament, according to the results of which a list of World Cup participants is determined. The number of seats for the confederation is strictly limited. Europe has the largest number of representatives - 7 teams. Lithuania automatically qualified, there are still 6 places left.

Five teams will come from Asia. The CONCACAF Zone (North and Central America) delegates four candidates. Three teams will take part from CAF (Africa) and CONMEBOL (South America). Oceania (OFK) has the smallest representation - one place. In total, 24 national teams will play at the 2020 World Cup in Lithuania.

FIFA World Cup 2020 Qualification for Futsal in Europe

The scheme of the qualifying tournament for the World Cup is quite complicated. There are too many willing. In Europe, 49 teams will start in the qualification. Therefore, the selection is divided into several stages. Each round is a mini-tournament. It takes place in a country whose national team plays in this subgroup. Matches are held in a circular system. Everyone plays every time.

Preliminary round

It will be held from January 29 to February 3, 2019. 32 teams will play, which have the lowest UEFA rating. They are divided into eight quartets with four participants each. The winners of the groups and the two best teams of the second place go to the next stage. Belarus begins its journey with a preliminary stage.

Main stage

Matches will be held at the end of October 2019. Teams that have passed the preliminary round, and teams with the best seeding will be divided into eight groups. The first and second places of the group will go to the elite round.

Elite round

The games will take place over five days from January 28 to February 2, 2020. 16 teams continue to fight for a ticket to the World Cup. At the end of the elite round, four national teams that won their groups will be able to buy tickets to Lithuania. Those who took second place will try to get to the Futsal World Cup through joints.

Butt matches

Two pairs of rivals will be formed, who will play two matches: at home and away. Winners of the couples receive the last two permits for the World Cup from Europe. The games will be held on April 9 and 12, 2020.

On this qualification for the 2020 World Cup in Europe ends. National teams begin preparations for the final part.

Futsal World Cup History

The first World Cup was held in 1989. Since then, another 8 tournaments have been held. The best results were shown by the Brazilians. The magicians of the ball and in futsal are pentacampones. 5 out of 8 is a great achievement.

Brazil's hegemony was able to interrupt Spain. Football players of this country became world champions in 2000 and 2004. At the next two championships (2008, 2012), these teams played in the final. The Brazilians managed to repay their debts: twice the Spaniards were beaten.

In 2016, for the first time, the Brazilians were not in the final. Moreover, they were left without medals at all. In Cali, at the Coliseo El Pueblo arena, the name of the new world champion became known. Unfortunately, Argentina defeated Russia in a bitter struggle. The Russians will be able to swoop down on more in 2020 in Lithuania. It will be difficult to do this when the Portuguese, Brazilians and Spaniards are playing nearby. But in futsal nothing is impossible. Need to play and win.

World Cup 2020 in Lithuania will certainly bring a lot of emotions and leave pleasant memories. It cannot be otherwise.

Watch the video: FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2020 - Sweden 5x8 Belgium (January 2020).

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