Top professions in 2020

The modern world is changing at the speed of light. What was in demand by society 20-30 years ago is no longer quite relevant. This topic is acute in many professions. Some of them become obsolete or disappear altogether. The choice of a future specialty is one of the main stages in the life of any person. What professions will be needed in 2020? What should teenagers and their parents focus on now in order to become an irreplaceable employee in the future?

What professions were needed before?

Human activity has changed and depended on many factors and the specific needs of a particular society. So, for example, during the ancient communal system, women were considered guardians of the hearth. They kept fire, prepared food, raised children. Men were hunters and fishers - miners.

With the development of society and the emergence of crafts, man has learned to do some work, both for himself and for others. Blacksmiths, potters, leatherworkers, and weavers became in demand. People learned from the best, then passed on their knowledge and experience from generation to generation. Masters of their craft were appreciated, they were approached for services or products from all nearby villages, cities and counties.

Progress has given a special impetus to the human profession. The development of metallurgy and industry, shipbuilding required excellent specialists: turners, locksmiths, welders, engineers. A simple worker from the factory was appreciated and respected.

From the middle of the 20th century, every second student dreamed of becoming a pilot, military or astronaut. After all, there was someone to level off: Alexander Pokryshkin, Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova. No less popular and prestigious were teachers, doctors, builders, factory workers.

What professions are popular right now?

The popularity of a particular specialty in modern society is dictated by high wages. Often this item becomes central during the teenager’s self-determination. Inclinations and market demand are relegated to the background.

Who is needed in 2015-2018?

  • Today urgently needed teachers, educators, educators. If you look at schools, you can see almost 2/3 of the teaching staff from the Soviet past. Young specialists are reluctant to go to work in a city, let alone a rural school. Children and parents of the 21st century need new bright minds in the field of education, keeping pace with the automation and computerization of the world.
  • No less needed and medical staff. It will be a question not only of young, competent and qualified, narrow-profile specialists, but also of medical staff: nurses, nurses. Mass layoffs and cuts as a result of changes in the budget of the medical sphere have raised this question with an edge. In addition, to find an educated nurse who knows how to make a diagnosis and give an injection is very difficult.
  • Engineers and builders always needed and important. Especially in recent years, when massive projects of renovations and relocations began to be implemented.
  • Mass computerization has created a need for IT specialists. Valued by web developers, programmers, layout designers.
  • The state allocates considerable funds for the development of robotics and nanotechnology. A similar industry in the country's economy is only at the initial level. Country needs skilled nanotechnology and robotics.
  • Service workers in the hundreds of professions. These are consultants, realtors, logisticians, managers. Vocational training of a particular specialty at this stage of educational development is growing. Students are taught to communicate with people correctly, to guess the client’s wishes, to sell a product or service.
  • It is no longer possible to imagine a modern society without advertising, because it is the engine of progress. The economy needs literacy advertisers and PR managers. In this area, creative, non-standard personalities are served.
  • Globalization, computerization, etc., that changed our life for the better, destroyed it. Every third turns to a qualified psychologistto solve the problems that have arisen and accumulated over many years. Bangs began to speak less, communicate lively, began to eat poorly, sleep. The eternal race knocks out even the strongest. Help is a must.
  • Operations on the Internet, purchases in online stores spawned a profession online consultant. The person at the other end can help you complete an action or pick up a product, consult in a specific area.
  • Lacking today and drivers. This is especially true for categories C and D.

Who will be needed in 2020?

Overcrowding of the labor market by some professions dictates the need for a number of specialties that will be important to society in the next 5 years. What to focus now? Who will be in demand?

Agricultural worker

The last 10-15 years, agricultural personnel have been depleted. Agronomists, livestock farmers, milkmaids and machine operators in many areas of our country are forgotten remnants of the Soviet era. Collective farms are closed. Agriculture is in decline. To restore the economic gap in this direction, the state allocates huge grants and other measures of social support. Farms are being born and restored, only there are very few qualified employees.

Alternative Energy Experts

A similar profession is relevant even today. Natural resource specialists make disappointing predictions for the future. Oil, gas and coal are limited in reserves; replenishing the consumed amount is not easy. Alternative energy employees must find and bring to mind new developments.


Genetic engineering has stepped forward in recent decades. Work on the study of genetic diseases occupies an important place in medicine. Personnel in this area are few and need replenishment.


The decline of agriculture, the impending problem of hunger associated with the overpopulation of the planet encourages many to go to plant breeders and specialists in genetic engineering of plants. Development is already underway, but the industry needs new personnel.


Despite the population distribution, many corners of the planet are poorly studied and populated. There are untouched lands on the continents where no man has yet set foot. Urbanists are called for developments that will help develop new lands and develop suitable infrastructure on them. This profession also affects Africa, where the land is unsuitable for human habitation.

Specialist in Conflicts between Religions and Nationalities

Religious and interethnic conflicts do not exhaust themselves. There is an increase in aggression in these areas. In the near future, you will need a person who can work both as a diplomat and a psychologist between the two fires, regulating relations.


The environmental situation is no better from year to year. Now various organizations are being created that consider the environmental problem and make disappointing forecasts. We need specialists who can find a way out of this situation.

Smart Home Designers

"Smart home" - a house or apartment that is equipped with a multifunctional high-tech computer. Now there are few such houses where the door would open by voice command, the windows would close, the lights would turn off, the water in the kettle would be heated. All this is easily controlled via a mobile phone. In the near future, the society will need such specialists who could correctly design the housing, equip it and provide protection.


Strengthening ties with other states generates huge tourist flows. There are catastrophically few qualified linguists.

All professions are important, all professions are needed. We must strive to find our place in life. Doing things you love improves your health and mood. Choose a future specialty in knowledge and inclinations.

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