Comedy Karaoke New Year 2020 on TNT

Among the projects of the company "Comedy Club Production" there is one that comes out only once a year. This has become a traditional Karaoke battle, aired an hour before the New Year, the participants of which enter into a vocal competition in the struggle for the main prize. Whether the organizers of the Comedy Karaoke New Year 2020 program on TNT will act according to the established rules, or whether they will make changes to the program, is unknown. In any case, the audience will find a very funny and vivid musical show.

When the first full version of the program aired

For the first time, the country heard the singing of those who had only made fun and joked before, in anticipation of 2016. On the set of the program there were no traditional New Year characters - Santa Claus and Snegurochka, there were no complicated staging numbers and phonograms. Participants performed modern hits and songs of Soviet pop under karaoke, in accordance with the terms of the competition. No one was embarrassed by the vocalists' lack of hearing or musical education, errors in words, blurry notes. The main thing is that everything went noisy, natural and fun.

The program was filmed at Barvikha Luxury Village, a modern concert hall that differs from the others in its refined interior and technical equipment, which allows holding an event of any format.

Participants in the New Year issues of Karaoke Star

Residents of the Comedy Club and actors involved in popular TNT projects attended the festival of music, songs and jokes. The following teams became the first karaoke performers in the project:

  • Stars of "House-2", including Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina.
  • Actors of the series "Real Boys", "Interns", "Cheating", "Univer", "Sweet Life", "Little Girls";
  • Participants in the projects "Dancing", "Once Upon a Time in Russia".

Residents of "Comedy Club" took part in the show as assistants and organizers.

The great popularity of the program began to attract new star members. Over time, professional performers began to appear in the project as part of teams. In 2017, karaoke vocalists were supported by such vocal art stars as Alsu, Nastya Kamensky, Iowa and MOLLY - Olga Seryabkina.

In the issues of Comedy Club Karaoke Star, beauties and beauties from the projects "Comedy Woman", "Improvisation", "Stand Up", along with the host of this show Ruslan Bely were noted. In 2019, the winner was the Internet Team, thanks to the acting and vocal data of Ida Galich. Newcomers to the program were also stars Marina Alexandrova, Gosha Kutsenko, Yana Koshkina, actors of the TV series "Olga", "Street", participants in the show "Songs", "Dances". As invited guests, the program is often attended by popular bloggers, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Organizers and judges of Karaoke Star on TNT Channel

In the first issue of the program, the gay guys Mikhail Galustyan and Sergey Svetlakov were invited to the role of judges evaluating the acting and vocal skills of the participants. As the host of the program, Pavel Volya, joked, the first was invited because of its resemblance to a kolobok, and the second thanks to extensive experience in performing this musical genre.

In 2017, a new member appeared in the refereeing team - Timati, actor, performer and music producer. Acting skills and vocal data of the participants of Karaoke Star 2019 were evaluated by Mikhail Galustyan, who is invariably a member of the jury, and bard “ten's manager” Semyon Slepakov.

Each musical competition is traditionally preceded by a congratulation of the general producer of the project Arthur Janibekyan. In general, at least 160 people are working on the project.

Presenter Karaoke Star Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya became the permanent leader throughout all issues from 2016 to 2019. At the beginning of the program, he introduces the participants, explains the rules of the competitions, and comments on what is happening. The program is not complete without his sharp jokes to the jury, invited guests and team representatives.

During performances of karaoke artists, Pavel Volya, who has good vocal skills, often sings along with the participants.

Prizes for the winners of the New Year issue

All the heroes of the program are united by one desire - to win the main prize. In the first project, the winners got a trip for two to Japan, the country where the inventor of karaoke, Daisuke Inoue, was born. The following issues played out trips:

  • In Macau - a resort on the coast of the South China Sea, famous for gambling establishments and night clubs. This trip was won by the Studio Union team.
  • To Las Vegas. The team of the project "Comedy Woman" went to the capital of casinos and entertainment venues.
  • In Milan, at a concert by British singer and actor Ed Sheeran. The trip went to the Internet team, which took part in the competition for the first time.

What to watch in the New Year issue of Karaoke Star. Popular contests

The organizers decided that just playing popular hits to the music is boring. Therefore, participants of the Comedy Club Karaoke Star in each issue are waiting for a lot of surprises and improvisations. Traditionally, during the recording of a program, teams go through several stages. The first - "Potpourri", is that the presenter Pavel Volya represents the performers, and they sing excerpts from famous songs. The most ridiculous stages of performances include:

  • Karaoke Emotions or acting contest. A team representative should not only speak with a vocal number, but also convey certain emotions or portray a characteristic character. For example, to sing with the voice of Leshchenko, Boris Moiseyev, Lenin, Gosha Kutsenko.
  • Karaoke is a team. Three members are nominated from each team. Their task is to apply all acting talents and sing, depicting the desired state. Representatives of the teams sing yawning, as drunk, as the most stupid, glamorous, etc. The jury passes to the next stage of the competition those who acted harmoniously and together.
  • Karaoke is nonsense. Participants sing meaningless typing to a famous melody. Their task is not to stray during action.
  • Crocodile. The performers of the number work in pairs: a representative of the team and a resident of "Comedy Club", while the first sings, and the second depicts the action in question in the song. According to this impromptu pantomime, judges sitting in the headphones should guess the name of the musical composition.
  • Quiz. The club resident reads a line from the song, and the participant in the show must complete it.
  • One word at a time. A song is performed by a duet, with its participants performing alternately on an excuse, sentence, word or part thereof.
  • Pop rock punk - performance of a song in different musical styles.
  • English speaking competition. The lyrics of the Russian artist’s lyrics are translated via Google translator, the participants of the show sing the resulting set of words.

Interesting moments of the show

Each stage of the project is pure creativity and humor. But there are moments that make the show spectacular, lively and memorable. Among them are the following touching, funny, and frightening episodes:

  • The team of the "Comedy Woman" project came to the finals of the competition three times, thanks to the exceptional vocal data of the beautiful women. In 2017, the team won. At the time of awarding the coveted certificate, Alexander Gudkov, who won the draw, lost the victory to his colleague Nadezhda.
  • On the set of the song "Harlequin" it was not easy for Polina Gagarina and Ide Galich. During the “Without Emotions” contest, Pauline, afraid of heights, was thrown up by extras, and Idea was put on the neck of a living python. The stars courageously coped with the task and finished the song to the end.
  • In one of the releases, TNT stars in the song format laid out the whole truth about popular projects. Garik Kharlamov admitted that the residents of Kamedi should be quartered for lack of talent, “House-2” was called the island of bad luck, “Comedy Woman” - hellish cabaret, “Studio Union” - a meaningless union of six friends.
  • The main object of discussion in the press during the shooting of the Karaoke Battle in 2018 was not the vocal data of the participants, but the deep neckline of the singer Pelageya and the immodest outfit of Anna Sedokova.

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