Demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow in 2020

Very soon, the face of Moscow will change dramatically. The city will be demolished houses that were built in the 50-60 years of the last century. Renovation in the capital will take place over several years. Residents of outdated housing are interested in many details related to this process, in particular, the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow in 2020. They are not indifferent to the conditions under which they will relocate to new homes and where they will live in the future.

When and how did the idea of ​​renovation come about

As you know, the first "Khrushchev" in the capital appeared in 1957. These were gray nondescript five-story buildings, which had small apartments with low ceilings and poor sound insulation. Over time, this housing is morally obsolete. It no longer met the requirements of the time. Their appearance was inferior to the appearance of modern monolithic skyscrapers, which had apartments with excellent layout and were much more comfortable than the old housing.

Demolition of houses that do not meet modern requirements, began back in the 90s. Then many houses of old construction were demolished. People living in them were relocated to other areas of the capital. It was planned to finish this work before 2010. However, the economic crisis violated the plans of the city authorities. In those years, the demolition of a dilapidated housing stock was very slow. Several dozens of houses were demolished per year. As a result, the project was completely frozen for 10 years.

Demolition of houses in Moscow until 2020

The problems associated with outdated housing have not gone away. The maintenance of houses was very expensive. Residents of the "Khrushchev" raised money to update the facades, repair heat mains and porches. The discontent of Muscovites increased every year. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin decided once and for all to end this state of affairs. The city authorities adopted a renovation plan, which provided for the demolition of more than five thousand five-story buildings. In their place it is planned to build housing that meets all the requirements of our time.

Mass demolition of houses began in 2018. The resettlement of 120,000 people is scheduled for 2018-2020. Already in 2017, fifteen construction sites were deployed. Seven new buildings unfolded on the site of the old five-story buildings. By 2020, 4,566 houses will be demolished, and by 2032 it is planned to resettle about half a million Muscovites. Renovation of old houses from 2017 to 2020 will cost about three hundred billion rubles. During this time, the five-story buildings of the following series will be destroyed:

  • 1-510;
  • 1-511;
  • 1-515.

Also, by 2020, about one hundred nine-story buildings in a deplorable state will be eliminated. These are panel houses that were built relatively recently - in the 80s of the last century.

Between 2019 and 2020, homes in nine administrative districts will be demolished:

Moscow DistrictNumber of demolished houses
South Administrative District363

A list of addresses of buildings to be demolished was prepared in 2017. Then a vote was taken among the residents of the dilapidated housing. In 2018, the list of houses for demolition was finally adjusted and a specific work schedule was developed. About 200 houses of historical value were excluded from the original version. The final number of demolished houses was: 5173 pcs.

House demolition order

The sequence in which houses will be demolished in 2020 is still unknown. The liquidation schedule for the buildings is due to appear at the end of 2019. Although, construction sites where new housing will be built are already known. Most likely, the demolition schedule will be associated with the completion of the construction of new houses.

Construction of new houses in 2020 at the addresses

In 2020-2021, they must build houses for the wave resettlement of Muscovites at the following addresses:


  • Basmanny district, Bakuninskaya St., ow. 60
  • Basmanny district, st. Baumanskaya, d. 47/1
  • Krasnoselsky district, apt. 998, d. 2/1, p. 1, 2
  • Krasnoselsky district, apt. 998, Rusakovskaya St., 6
  • Tagansky district, st. Melnikova, d. 2


  • Beskudnikovsky district, apt. 8, 9, building one
  • Beskudnikovsky district, apt. 8, 9, building twenty
  • Beskudnikovsky district, apt. 8, 9, building 24
  • Beskudnikovsky district, apt. 8, 9, building 32
  • Beskudnikovsky district, Korovinsky highway, ow. 10
  • Voykovsky district, Narvskaya St., ow. 5
  • Golovinsky district, Vanguard St., ow. 10
  • Golovinsky district, Flotskaya St., ow. 68, bldg. one
  • Golovinsky district, Flotskaya St., ow. 68, bldg. 2
  • Golovinsky district, Onega St., ow. 35, building 5
  • Golovinsky district, Onega St., ow. 35, building 6
  • Golovinsky district, Kronstadt boulevard, ow. 55
  • Golovinsky district, Smolnaya St., ow. 21
  • Golovinsky district, st. Pulkovskaya, ow. 3
  • Western Degunino, Angarskaya St., 33
  • West Degunino, Bazovskaya St., ow. fifteen
  • Western Degunino, st. Taldomskaya, ow. one
  • Koptevo, 3rd Novomikhalkovsky passage, ow. 8
  • Molzhaninovsky district, 3rd Podrezkovskaya St., opposite the owner. 24
  • Timiryazevsky District, Astradamskaya St., ow. 9A
  • Timiryazevsky district, Dmitrov highway, ow. 55
  • Timiryazevsky district, Lineyniy pr-d, ow. 8A


  • Alekseevsky district, st. Staroalekseevskaya, ow. 3
  • Butyrsky district, microdistrict. 78, bldg. 66
  • Butyrsky district, st. Rustaveli, ow. 3, bldg. four
  • Lianozovo, Ilimskaya St., ow. 1-3
  • Losinoostrovsky district, st. Emerald, ow. 26A
  • Losinoostrovsky district, microdistrict. 3, bldg. 53
  • Losinoostrovsky district, st. Taininskaya, ow. 13
  • Losinoostrovsky District, Norilskaya St., 6 (opposite)
  • Marfino, Hotel passage, ow. 8, building 2
  • Marfino, st. Academician Komarov, vl. eleven
  • Maryina grove, st. Oktyabrskaya, ow. 105
  • Maryina Roscha, Sheremetyevskaya St., ow. 5, bldg. one
  • Maryina Roscha, Sheremetyevskaya St., ow. 13, building one
  • Marina Grove, TPU "Marina Grove"
  • Ostankino district, microdistrict. 15, 16, bldg. 93
  • Rostokino, st. Agricultural, vld. 14 (vl. 14/1, vl. 14/2)
  • Sviblovo, Nansen passage, ow. 8
  • Sviblovo, Shady passage, ow. 6
  • Northern region, Dmitrov highway, ow. 167, building 4A
  • Northern region, Dmitrov highway, ow. 167, building 8A
  • South Medvedkovo, st. Molodtsova, 33, bldg. one
  • South Medvedkovo, Dezhnev passage, ow. 8
  • South Medvedkovo, st. Molodtsova, ow. 17, building 1
  • South Medvedkovo, st. Molodtsova, ow. 25, building 1


  • Bogorodskoye, Millionnaya St., ow. 3
  • Bogorodskoye, microdistrict 8B, bldg. four
  • Bogorodskoye, TPU "Open Highway"
  • East Izmailovo, 13th Parkovaya St., ow. 16
  • East Izmailovo, 15th Parkovaya St., ow. 27
  • East Izmailovo, 16th Parkovaya St., ow. 12
  • East area, st. May 9, vl. 28, s / y 1
  • Golyanovo, Shchelkovo highway, d. 71, bldg. 1 and d. 73
  • Golyanovo, pl. Bela Kuna, ow. one
  • Ivanovo, md. 40-52, bldg. 2
  • Ivanovo, md. 40-52, bldg. 5
  • Izmailovo, Izmailovsky pr-d, vlad. 5, s / y 1
  • Izmailovo, Lilac Boulevard, ow. four
  • Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, st. Black Lake, ow. four
  • Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, st. Orenburg, ow. 3
  • Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, st. Cascade, ow. 21, s / y 1
  • Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, st. Cascade, ow. 21, z / y 2
  • Kosino-Ukhtomsky district, st. Kamova, ow. 24
  • Metrogorodok, Open Highway, ow. 30, s / y 1
  • Metrogorodok, Open Highway, ow. 26, building 6
  • Metrogorodok, Open Highway, ow. 28, building 3
  • Perovo, st. Plekhanova, ow. eighteen
  • Perovo, st. Plekhanova, ow. 22
  • Perovo, 2nd Vladimirskaya St., ow. thirty
  • Perovo, Zeleny prospekt, ow. 27A
  • Perovo, Highway Enthusiasts, ow. 86
  • Perovo, st. Plyushcheva, ow. 12A
  • Perovo, st. Plyushcheva, ow. 15, building 3
  • Northern Izmailovo, st. 15th Park, vl. 46A
  • Northern Izmailovo, st. 15th Park, vl. 42A
  • Northern Izmailovo, st. Konstantin Fedin, ow. 13
  • Northern Izmailovo, st. Konstantin Fedin, ow. 5
  • Northern Izmailovo, st. 9th Park, ow. 68, bldg. 2, 3
  • Sokolinaya Gora, Garage St., ow. 3


  • Vykhino-Zhulebino, md. 129, Ferghana St., ow. 5
  • Vykhino-Zhulebino, Academician Scriabin St., ow. 3
  • Kuzminki, apt. 115, bldg. 17
  • Kuzminki, apt. 115, bldg. eighteen
  • Kuzminki, apt. 116, bldg. 1 (Shumilova St., 4)
  • Kuzminki, apt. 116, bldg. 2 (Shumilova St., 16, building 2)
  • Kuzminki, md. 113, st. Young Lenintsev, ow. 42
  • Kuzminki, md. 119, Volgogradsky Prospekt, ow. 163
  • Kuzminki, md. 120, st. Zhigulevskaya, ow. 3
  • Kuzminki, md. 120, st. Zelenodolskaya, ow. 28, building four
  • Kuzminki, md. 118, st. Young Lenintsev, ow. 117
  • Kuzminki, md. 117, st. Young Lenintsev, ow. 73
  • Kuzminki, md. 118, st. Young Lenintsev, ow. 99
  • Lefortovo, apt. 3, bldg. 6
  • Lefortovo, Shepelyuginskaya St., ow. 16
  • Lefortovo, st. Zolotorozhsky Val, ow. 11/14, st. Zolotorozhsky Val, ow. 11/15
  • Lublin, md. A, st. Lublin, ow. 113
  • Lublin, md. F, st. Krasnodonskaya, ow. 46/1
  • Lublin, md. A, st. Lublin, 109, building one
  • Lublin, md. A, st. Lublin, ow. 111, bldg. 2
  • Lublin, md. F, st. Upper Fields, ow. 19, building 2
  • Lublin, 19 district, apt. G, st. Stavropol, ow. 23-1
  • Lublino, Sports travel on the territory of the sports core of school N 2121 of the school department N 1
  • Nizhny Novgorod district, apt. 80, between st. Novokhokhlovskaya and the Third Transport Ring
  • Nizhny Novgorod district, st. Nizhny Novgorod, ow. 76
  • Ryazan district, microdistrict. 128A, st. Papernika, d. 12
  • Tekstilshchiki, st. Chistova, ow. 3A, p. 1
  • South Port District, md. D, st. Petra Romanova, d.18

South Administrative District

  • Biryulyovo East, st. Zagoryevskaya, ow. 2/1
  • Biryulyovo Zapadnoye, Bulatnikovsky passage, 16a
  • Biryulyovo West, Kharkov passage, ow. 1/1
  • Danilovsky district, 5th Roshchinsky passage, building 1
  • Danilovsky district, Peresvetov per., Ow. 5
  • Danilovsky district, Lenin settlement, ow. 3
  • Donskoy district, Sevastopol avenue, ow. 7, building 6/1
  • Donskoy district, st. Malaya Tula, vl. 55/1
  • Nagatinsky Zaton, st. Rechnikov, d. 18-20
  • Nagatinsky Zaton, st. Kolomenskaya, opposite ow. 3
  • Nagatinsky Zaton, st. Rechnikov, ow. 22
  • Nagatino-Sadovniki, Warsaw highway, opposite building 47, building 2
  • Nagatino-Sadovniki, Warsaw highway, opposite 61a
  • Nagatino-Sadovniki, Kashirskoe highway, ow. 11, building 3
  • Nagorny district, Simferopolsky passage, ow. 7, p. 1
  • Nagorny district, Warsaw highway, ow. one hundred
  • Nagorny district, st. Artekovskaya, d.9 (ATS)
  • Tsaritsyno, Yerevan St., ow. 6
  • Tsaritsyno, Caucasian Boulevard, ow. 40
  • Tsaritsyno, st. Kantemirovskaya, ow. 27
  • Tsaritsyno, st. Kantemirovskaya, ow. 39
  • Tsaritsyno, st. Caspian, d. 28, bldg. four
  • Tsaritsyno, st. Ankylosing spondylitis, ow. 3, s / y 1 (microdistrict 4, building 402)
  • Chertanovo South, microdistrict. 26, building 81-82


  • Academic district, st. Novocheremushkinskaya, d. 24/35
  • Academic district, apt. 18, st. Shvernik, ow. 6
  • Zyuzino, apt. 35, st. B. Yushunskaya, ow. 7A
  • Zyuzino, st. Odessa, ow. 10
  • Zyuzino, st. Bolotnikovskaya, ow. 42, building 4
  • Zyuzino, st. Bolotnikovskaya, ow. 43
  • Zyuzino, apt. 14, building 3
  • Zyuzino, st. Kakhovka, ow. 23, building 5
  • Zyuzino, st. Kerch, ow. 2
  • Zyuzino, st. Kerch, ow. 20, building one
  • Zyuzino, st. Kerch, ow. 30, building 1
  • Zyuzino, st. Kerch, ow. 26, building 1
  • Zyuzino, Sevastopol Avenue, ow. 71, building 1
  • Zyuzino, Sevastopol Avenue, ow. 79
  • Zyuzino, Black Sea Boulevard, ow. 22, building 2
  • Konkovo, md. 6, bldg. 3
  • Konkovo, md. 6, bldg. 2
  • Lomonosov district, st. Architect Vlasov, ow. 2
  • Obruchevsky district, st. Garibaldi, ow. eighteen
  • Northern Butovo, st. Theodosia, ow. 7, building 1
  • New Cheryomushki, apt. 20, 21, st. Garibaldi, ow. 17
  • New Cheryomushki, Sevastopol Prospect, ow. 28, building 9
  • New Cheryomushki, apt. 20, 21, st. Trade union, ow. 32
  • South Butovo, st. Krasnolimanskaya, ow. 29th


  • Kuntsevo, st. Molodogvardeiskaya, house 44
  • Kuntsevo, st. Bobruisk, ow. fifteen
  • Mozhaisk district 71, 72, st. Kubinka, ow. 18, building 2
  • Mozhaysky district, st. Peter Alekseev, ow. 12
  • Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, st. Bolshaya Ochakovskaya, ow. 35A
  • Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, st. Fan, ow. 26A, 26B
  • Solntsevo, st. Shchorsa, ow. fifteen
  • Solntsevo, st. Rodnikovaya, ow. 5A
  • Filevsky park, Coastal passage, ow. 2, ow. 2, p. 18, ow 2, p. 19
  • Fili-Davydkovo, st. Kastanaevskaya, ow. 44-48
  • Fili-Davydkovo, st. Kastanaevskaya, ow. 44-48, bldg. 2
  • Fili-Davydkovo, st. Davydkovskaya, ow. 14-16
  • Novo-Peredelkino, st. Sculptor Mukhina, ow. 11/1


  • Mitino, st. Park, ow. 31
  • Northern Tushino, md. 5, st. Tourist, ow. 14, building 12
  • Northern Tushino, st. Vilisa Latsisa, ow. 42 (opposite)
  • Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, apt. 83, st. General Glagolev, ow. 5, bldg. one
  • Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, st. Demyan Poor, ow. 22
  • Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Karamyshevskaya Embankment, ow. 22, building 2/1
  • Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, st. Mnevniki, ow. 10, building one
  • Schukino, md. 12, st. Novoshchukinskaya, ow. 8/1
  • South Tushino, apt. 11, building one
  • South Tushino, st. Boat, ow. eleven


  • Zelenograd, district Kryukovo, St. George Ave, building. 1935
  • Zelenograd, district Kryukovo, St. George Ave, building. 1934
  • Zelenograd, district Kryukovo, St. George Ave, building. 1936
  • Zelenograd, Old Kryukovo, Sunny Alley, building 934
  • Zelenograd, Old Kryukovo, md. N 9, building 935
  • Zelenograd, Old Kryukovo, md. N 9, building 936


  • Mikhailovo-Yartsevo settlement, the village of Shishkin forest, ow. 9, building 1
  • Mikhailovo-Yartsevo settlement, the village of Shishkin forest, ow. 21, building 1
  • Mosrentgen, TPU "Mamyri"
  • Pervomaiskoe, village Zhukovka
  • Ryazanov settlement, the village of the Banner of October, about 3
  • Troitsk, microdistrict. Solnechny, Physical St., ow. 22
  • Schapovskoe, pos. Shchapovo, near d. 8 and 9
  • Shcherbinka, st. Railway, near d. 37

Recommendations for immigrants

All Muscovites with dilapidated housing are advised to see this list. At the address of their residence, specify whether their house will be demolished in 2020-2021. If this is confirmed, then you should contact the city hall and specify the address at which the particular house will be relocated. You can also inspect future housing and confirm your consent to move. If for some reason you didn’t like the housing, you can choose an apartment in a nearby area. How to formalize all this legally, you can ask on the official website for renovation in Moscow.

You can also choose an apartment with a larger area. To do this, you need to make a surcharge and draw up additional documents. How to do it right, you can find out here - //

What will be the new housing

Many residents of outdated houses were worried that they would be relocated to houses located on the outskirts of Moscow. The leadership of the capital at the beginning of the renovation reassured the townspeople and promised that new housing would be built in the same areas where the old "Khrushchevs" were located. Already in 2020, 59 monolithic skyscrapers will be commissioned. This will resettle about 26 thousand inhabitants of the capital.

New homes will meet new quality standards, and have approximately the same area. The cost of apartments will be approximately 30% more expensive. On all entrances intercoms will be installed. All apartments will be equipped with energy-efficient batteries and meters. New housing will have a convenient layout and a metal front door. Also, modern double-glazed windows and practical plumbing will be installed.

Over the next two years, urban planners are going to put into operation 25 million square meters. meters of housing. All houses will have a high number of floors, a modern appearance. In addition, modern infrastructure will be built around the houses. Next to the new housing will be modern shops, kindergartens, schools, sports grounds, clinics, etc.

Latest renovation news

According to the chairman of Moskomekspertiza V. Leonov, the construction of an apartment building will begin in the near future, which will have an underground parking lot and non-residential premises on the ground floor. It will be built in accordance with the renovation program in the North-Western Administrative District. The new building will be built at: st. General Glagolev, ow. 5, bldg. 1. Some apartments in this house will be adapted for people with disabilities. The house will have not only an underground parking for 78 cars, but also home parking.

The building will contain three types of apartments:

Two rooms:104
Three rooms:70

According to the head of the Moscow City Planning Department, S. Levkin, citizens are currently moving to 9 new homes in the west of the capital. They are being resettled from 15 five-story buildings on Krasny Zory and Grodnenskaya St.

According to the head of the Department of Urban Property M. Gaman, 70% of immigrants concluded the necessary agreements.

Five-story buildings for demolition until 2020, address list

The full list can be viewed here.

Watch the video: Model of soviet era Moscow skyline for sale (January 2020).

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