New Year 2020 invitation - templates

Soon, the New Year holidays are a long-awaited time for kids, schoolchildren and workers of all fields of activity. Ahead of a long vacation, a bright meeting of the holidays and winter entertainment. Many are already planning to buy original gifts, home decorations, make up a menu for a feast, and select an evening outfit. At the end of December, morning parties, corporate parties and banquets begin, which require thorough preparation. Organizers should think over the script, provide musical accompaniment, order the services of the hosts and much more. You will also need invitations for the New Year 2020, greeting card templates, couvert cards. Large companies issue unique invitation cards with a logo. And for small enterprises, schools and kindergartens, ready-made analogues downloaded on the Internet are suitable. If you are considering this option, we offer a selection of beautiful templates for different events.

Invitations to kindergarten and school for parents

Parents and grandparents come to New Year's morning parties in kindergarten and elementary grades to watch the children perform. Kids in carnival costumes sing, dance, read poetry, play outdoor games, and dance around the Christmas tree. The event is attended by animators, educators, teachers and relatives of children. Thanks to the fun scenario, time passes fun and at ease. Gifts from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden - an irreplaceable tradition of celebration. A sweet table is often organized. Recently, the New Year's Eve in children's cafes has become popular. Usually the date and time of the matinee is announced at the parent meeting, but the individual invitation looks respectable. Therefore, we selected several templates for kindergarten and school, which can be printed on a printer and filled in manually.

Free Download Invitations - Coloring

Many teachers try to develop creative abilities in kids, so a do-it-yourself invitation card will be a great option. For this, coloring is ideal. Black-and-white drawings of New Year's subjects children easily paint with pencils, paints or felt-tip pens. Moreover, the drawing will remain in memory of childhood for many years.

What kind of invitations are relevant in the year of the Rat

According to the eastern horoscope in 2020, the world will be ruled by a white metal rat. This nimble little animal loves attention. Therefore, his image is perfect for decorating an invitation. We have prepared several templates with a rodent, as well as funny mice that can be printed on a printer, cut and pasted onto a card with a New Year's background.

Corporate cards

For a corporate party, simple invitations are indispensable, as customers, partners and important guests will be present at the celebration. The company must not lose its image and keep the brand. It is advisable to use a modest background and a minimum of New Year's merchandise. Be sure to have a logo, stylish and concise design. We suggest considering several options. Perhaps one of them will be to your taste.

Invitation texts in verses and prose

If in your own words it is not possible to compose an original invitation text, we suggest choosing a verse or prose for kindergarten, school, corporate party or relatives.

We invite you to a Christmas tree to school or kindergarten

“The New Year is on the doorstep and you need to meet it together, interestingly and cheerfully, so that later all year we will have warm memories with bright moments. Therefore, we invite you to the New Year ... (date) and ask you to be wide awake, smiling and ready for a grand holiday at ... "

"The holiday is not asleep at the gates, it is already in a hurry. Come celebrate it with us and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fun, warmth and comfort. Be sure to take a good mood, a huge bag of desires and a handful of wishes with you!"

"So the year flew by very quickly, the New one will take over soon! Already according to the established tradition, we invite you to the New Year Tree. There will be prizes, contests, laughter and fun! The event will be held at ... See you soon! Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden!"

You want to plunge for a moment
Like in childhood, in our cheerful holiday?
Come visit by all means
We promise you fun, jokes, joy.

Do not be afraid, we will not force
You read poetry, riding a stool,
We will congratulate each other on a holiday,
Together with you, we will celebrate the New Year.


We invite you to a holiday,
Celebrate New Year together.
We promise a lot of jokes
The evening is warm without worries.

Do not forget to take with you
Laughter, enthusiasm and positive
Happy as children, be
And drop the negativity!


Come visit us
Let's celebrate the New Year together.
There will be a bright carnival,
A round dance near the Christmas tree.

Just remember to take
Jokes, joy, resounding laughter.
And then you are in the New Year
Become happier than everyone!


Hurry to our carnival,
We invite you, there will be a ball.
A high chair has been set for you,
Cook your costume.

We invite to a corporate evening

"Dear ...!

Thank you for the fruitful cooperation and contribution to the development of our company. We invite you to the New Year's Eve, which we arrange in honor of our partners, employees and friends. On the eve of the New - 20 .... - Years we will come together to have a good time in a festive and cheerful atmosphere and wish each other success and new victories.

Let the coming year bring you only pleasant changes, every day be successful in your personal life and fruitful in your work! "

"Dear friends!

Happy New Year! We wish that the era of changes brought you only positive changes, and let each smile of fortune have a clear decision, an unbending will and real professionalism. We invite you to a New Year's corporate party in our office ... (day, time).

Respectfully,… ."

"Dear ...!

Please accept our most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let this year be the beginning of favorable changes and successful deeds, and each day be kind, fruitful in work, happy in personal life.

We invite you to spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve with friends and colleagues. We are waiting for you… . December 20 .... in the main office of our company at ... hours. We look forward to seeing you! "

All on a cool corporate party
I hasten to invite today!
Our joy awaits and positive
We will laugh and joke!

Everybody come have fun
To gain new strength,
To unite even stronger
So that our team was friendly!


Beloved colleagues, come
On a bright, groovy corporate party!
Be sure to take with you
Fun and, of course, positive!

We will joke and laugh,
And in the solemn joy of drowning,
To stay awake all the time
Should we all have a great rest!


Our whole friendly team
Happy New Year!
Calling everyone to the corporate party
To distract from work!

Fun awaits us, a lot of laughter
And a sea of ​​joyful minutes
So that we succeed
We need a little rest!

We invite friends, relatives and friends

"You will find salad and jelly, a herring in a fur coat and a tree decorated with millions of joyful lights. We invite you to join our New Year's round dance, which will spin in a merry celebration of the kindest holiday giving gifts, miracles and fun."

"We invite you to celebrate the New Year with us. We will have something to remember and say to each other, we will be able to have fun and light the bright lights of joy. And if we celebrate the New Year together, we will support each other always and in everything we’ll do it. "

"New Year's Eve must be celebrated with all the closest and dearest people, so I want to invite you to celebrate this holiday with my family. I don’t accept rejection! Pass to the celebration - champagne and tangerines! We are waiting!"

We invite you to note
New Year's Eve,
According to how you will meet,
So you will spend it.

We will be very pleased
Despite the cold
Celebrate the birth of the year
Together with you, until the morning!


Together to celebrate the New Year, I invite you
From surprises serpentine I promise you!
We’ll arrange a round dance with songs around the Christmas tree,
Laughter, joy portal, we will open wide!
I will treat you to glory, and have no doubt
Go on a visit without delaying a long time!


The New Year is coming to us - the holiday is approaching.
Means: we will celebrate - everything is as it should.
Christmas tree, table, salad on it - Olivier of course -
It's a miracle to eat, we are ready forever.
Suddenly the shaman in his glasses will find shelter.
Come to the light - here they are waiting for you.


This holiday alone
I won’t let you know!
Come you tonight
With tangerine to visit us!

We’ll celebrate the New Year
You alone would not be able to.
We congratulate all our friends,
We will send congratulations to everyone!

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