Ice sculptures in Moscow 2019-2020

Every year in the winter season, people are pleased with a variety of cultural events that allow them to spend time actively and with benefit. Ice sculptures in Moscow 2020 are one of the most beloved events for both creators making unusual creations and visitors. As part of the winter festival, thematic exhibitions open at several points in the capital. The scale of the event is amazing. Visitors are greeted by figures of people and animals, individual buildings, and even entire architectural complexes. Each year, the chosen theme sets the direction for creativity.

History of the origin of the Ice Festivals in Russia

The official countdown of the tradition of making ice sculptures in winter is from the reign of the Russian Empress Anna Ionovna. In the winter season of 1740-1741, the Ice House was made by her order. Conceived as a joke, he was amazing. In the house it was possible to move, sleep and even take a steam bath in an ice bath. The building was finished with a huge number of details, each of which was made of ice. And ice cannons were capable of firing a shot.

In subsequent years, the construction of ice sculptures continued. Emperors changed, and ice festivals continued. It has become a truly folk fun.

In the 19th century, the Eiffel Tower was built of ice in St. Petersburg. Although its height was inferior to the original, it was still amazing - 35 meters of pure ice. In the 20th century, the ice tradition spread throughout Russia. Cultural traditions are still alive today. The scope of the Ice Festival is expanding annually, attracting more and more public attention.

Schedule of opening and closing of ice exhibitions

Schedule the start of ice shows is quite flexible. The organizers are weather-oriented. It is also taken into account that the sculptors will stand in the open space or in special tents-refrigerators.

Temperature indicators are important for making masterpieces from ice. Positive weather does not allow working with materials due to its thawing. He does not like ice and severe frost. In harsh conditions, it becomes fragile and it is quite difficult to obtain the required forms.

Ice exhibitions in Moscow 2020 will open in December. Each individual site sets its own schedule and decides how much to work on. Some have fairly short impressions - during the New Year holidays. Others work all winter and close only with the onset of warming.

Where to see ice sculptures for free

Moscow ice rinks are divided into two main categories:

  • paid;
  • free of charge.

The differences between them are expressed in the following:

EventsType of Exhibition Venues
Entrance ticketthere isno
The opportunity to admire the sculpturesYesYes
Free photos on the background of ice masterpiecesYesYes
Show programs that accompany exhibition activities and increase entertainmentYesno
Workshops on ice processing and art cuttingYesno

You can enjoy it both at a paid and at a free festival. The quality of the exhibition does not depend on the presence or absence of entrance fees.

There are several places in Moscow where you can watch ice art without paying a fee.

Izmailovsky park

In Izmailovsky Park, visitors will find not only an exhibition of transparent figures, but also many additional winter activities. In the park there are slides for descent in tubing, they can be rented right there. A unique project is being implemented here - dog sledding. If desired, dogs can be stroked. For children, this is an incredible opportunity not only to see, but also to contact with fluffy huskies, huskies and even riding taxes.

Entrance to the ice platform is considered conditionally free:

  1. By renting a tubing, the visitor gets the opportunity to walk in the park and admire the figures without payment.
  2. If you want to just admire the winter landscapes and enjoy the copyright of ice work, you need to buy a ticket for 150 rubles.

The time spent in Izmailovo Park is not limited. And the exhibition itself will run from mid-December to February.


For several years now, the exhibition in Luzhniki has been pleasing visitors with winter activities. They build fabulous cities from ice and snow. Although this material is distinguished by its fragile structure, it also allows you to create unique masterpieces. At the site in Luzhniki you can see:

  • giant prehistoric animals;
  • ice sculptures;
  • snow fortresses and castles;
  • unusual sculptures from snow and ice.

Snow melts at lower temperature differences than ice, so the site has a limited period of action - from mid-December to mid-February. On any day, the exposure can be enjoyed absolutely free.

Museon Park

Park "Museon" is located in a picturesque place on the Crimean embankment. Every year, an ice exhibition opens in it, which in its size and fantasticness tries to surpass last year's result. Continuous improvement and additional winter entertainment attract a huge number of adults and children in the Museum.

You can walk in the park, enjoying unusual sculptures - fabulous houses, impregnable fortresses, heroes and mermaids, this is a small fraction of what you can see when you come to the Museum. The park also attracts with its snow slides, where you can ride a tubing.

Ice sculptures stand all winter before the arrival of heat.

Where are the paid exhibition halls

Before the start of the winter season, it is necessary to clarify where the paid ice platforms are located. The cost of admission at such festivals is nominal. It is set to compensate for part of the cost of manufacturing and maintaining the sculptures. When paying for a ticket, visitors receive a lot of additional bonuses that will give the event additional colors.

Victory Park

Victory Park is a year-round entertainment center for residents of Moscow and guests of the capital. In winter, he does not lose his palm and arranges a truly impressive ice display.

The ice tale is located on Poklonnaya Hill. It operates quite briefly, only two weeks - from 12/29/2019 to 01/13/2020. But during this period every day in the park are:

  • concert programs;
  • laser shows;
  • contests for children and adults;
  • master classes of various subjects.

There you can ride a roller coaster. In the evenings, discos are arranged. Open air venues are dancers, musicians and singers. On New Year's Eve, the festive program lasts up to 3 hours.

Entrance ticket to the exhibition site costs:

  1. Children under 5 years old - free of charge.
  2. From 5 to 14 years - 300 rubles.
  3. From the age of 14 - 400 rubles.

Ice sculptures are illuminated by lights, which creates unusual optical effects and simply pleases the eye.


In Sokolniki arranged an unusual exhibition - Museum of Ice. It is located in a confined space where the temperature is optimal for ice. The absence of temperature differences allows you to maintain the transparency of brittle material and create truly unique masterpieces.

Sculptors and artists exhibiting their creations in the museum make the dream a reality. They make detailed figures of people and animals, create unusual panels with a drawing of each detail. An unusual exposition will delight children with cartoon characters and surprise adults with the precision of reproducing everyday objects.

The exhibition in Sokolniki opens on the first day of winter and runs until April. Entrance ticket can be purchased for 250 rubles.


VDNH does not remain aloof from winter fun. Every year, great slides for skiing are prepared here. But this is not the only thing that VDNH can attract and surprise.

Huge castles and spaceships are being built on open areas. Between them, fantastic animals and birds freeze in transparent splendor. Unrealistic exposition is diluted with architectural monuments and figures of famous personalities.

The cost of admission varies depending on the day of visit. Children can admire the sculptures for 250 rubles, and adults will pay from 300 to 600 rubles.

Last year's festival of ice sculptures did not leave anyone indifferent. This year, even larger exhibitions and interesting new topics for creativity are expected.

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