New business ideas for 2020

Everyone wants to make good money. And to be your own boss, to do what you love, to build it as you see fit - this is generally the ultimate dream. However, how to approach this issue from a practical point of view?

For all those who plan in 2020 to go “to free bread”, to start implementing their startups or to raise a new business segment in their small homeland - this material!

Strategy for choosing ideas for business in 2020

Any business is born with an idea. Need a push, you need a twist and some kind of support basis ... Roughly speaking, it’s worth understanding what exactly do you want to do? True, by the wave of a magic wand, only Fairy-godmother pumpkins became carriages, and mice became beautiful horses. If you dive into the wrong whirlpool of business ideas, you can very quickly change your skills into a horse ... a draftsman.

Tips for choosing a field of activity

The world is monstrously diverse. And active nature in him there is always something to do. But, you see, you often feel that you want both this and that ... and how to embrace all this and what the first to grab onto is completely incomprehensible!

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And do not, psychologists advise. Select several areas of activity in which you can show yourself as a real pro. Estimate what of them will be in demand among the target audience that you plan to reach. For example, it is unlikely that the organization of creative parties will be in demand in the provincial district center ... Find the intersection points with the first list. Think about what remains to be more profitable and, at the same time, easily organized? That's what finally precipitated - yours!

Goal setting

Any businessman will tell you right away that the most important key to success is the correct setting of goals. Overstated expectations are pure evil and the beaten path to depression and loss of self-confidence. Not to mention financial. Therefore, first of all, get down to setting goals - when you see specifically what you are striving for, things will go much easier!

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At the same time, remember that goals are always set at several levels. Must be global. For example, in the end, save up for the construction of your own two-story house with an area of ​​800 sq.m ... Go with your idea to the European market ... See your last name on Forbes lists ... Oh, dreams, dreams ... However, do not take them lightly! All the powerful people of this world once began here with such banal "houses".

The big goal is necessarily broken down into many stages, immediately setting the parallel with the stages of the business and, if possible, estimating the implementation time. And when you get such a package of clearly distributed small goals, you can safely begin to gradually realize them!

What to do with start-up capital?

In order for start-up capital to appear, you need at least a start-up gun ... An old bearded joke, however, demonstrating that the basis, of course, decides. But not always! There are a bunch of business ideas, many of which will be in demand in 2020, which do not require start-up investments at all. Or the minimum that you now possess is quite enough for them. And then we will definitely dwell on them in the most detailed way!

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If, however, you can’t do without some initial money, alas and ah! - you still have not saved up yet, obey the advice of one wise person: do not borrow from relatives and do not mortgage property in the bank. It is better to start your business with something small, gradually earning and increasing momentum, than at once to be at a broken trough!

Home Business Ideas

At home - and the walls help! And to make money even more so. Believe me! Three directions are possible: work with hands, intellectual and with people. Catch a few ideas recommended by prominent business agencies as very, very relevant in 2020.

  1. Production of interior accessories, jewelry, hygiene items and household items. Handmade candles, soap, jewelry, decoupage, textiles, modeling and all sorts of creative little things ... It’s impossible to list everything that people are now enthusiastically buying up in the “Everything for Interior” departments! Take a small client stream to your garden - you'll be in chocolate, believe me. To understand the adequacy of the idea, somehow figure out, for example, how much the materials for the Christmas wreath cost, and how much it is sold in the store. You will be very amazed.
  2. Tutoring, diplomas, courses, etc. If you are smart, know some kind of educational program well and, besides, are endowed with teaching talent, generously share your knowledge with others! In the era of the exam, the popularity of all kinds of trainings, coaching and other things, you will always be with income. And from what, in your opinion, the famous foreign language schools or consulting agencies were once born?
  3. Kindergarten at home. If you have a pretty decent home, you yourself don’t work and love the kids, why not become such a wholesale nanny? Believe me, now many people are not happy with public and private DOWs, they will certainly cling to the alternative!
  4. Sewing and knitting to order. Handmade clothes are always in price. If you are good at this, perhaps we should not tell you how much it can bring with a competent approach. So, sooner or later you will grow up to your own studio!
  5. Website administration, SEO. Now the whole business lives on the Internet. Why not ride this wave? Promote someone else's business, thereby earning yourself. Make other sites and write content for them - in a word, what you can do from this whole spectrum, so do it. According to experts, in the next five years this area will only increase its monetary efficiency.

Ideas for business with minimal investment

If you are not ready to pre-invest to buy materials, tools, or all of this, at least for a start, there is no asset, there are a lot of things that you can do ... just like that!

  1. Restoration of furniture at home. Now the movement of responsible consumerism and DIY, as such, is on horseback. But, if you want to make a piece of art from your furniture, an antiques item or just an insanely stylish little thing, trouble with imagination and hands, but here you have it, by no means, feel free to start your business in this direction. Believe me, especially in big cities there will be no end to customers!
  2. Interior design. You won’t believe it, but many well-known personalities will now prefer to unknown to anyone, but awesomely talented and literally splashing decorator with non-standard ideas, than the eminent, but cautious in tactics company! And, finally, the thematic design of weddings, all kinds of New Year “Christmas trees” and Halloween parties on the customer’s territory, and for his money, too, no one canceled!
  3. Rental of premises. No matter how trite it may sound, but if you have an ownerless property, start receiving money from it. If for housing or office - not an option, try renting out photo studios as an event hall or workshop.
  4. The photo. If you know how and love to take pictures, you, 100%, have a completely decent camera. Start selling your talent. Having a computer and the ability to process images in simple editors will be an invaluable plus!
  5. Host, host, animator. If you like to have people and are very charismatic, you can earn great money. Moreover, you can start in that role and with those orders for which neither special costumes nor props are required. People love to have fun and are ready to give money to make it cool - help them realize their dream!

Small Business Ideas

On the one hand, it is harder, and on the other hand, it is somewhat easier to start a business with a relatively narrow, and sometimes almost familiar, audience. Although, in fact, there are plenty of options for self-realization. Here, admire, just a few ideas:

  • custom baked goods (cakes, pastries, etc.);
  • repair shop (boots, keys, leather goods, furniture - choose what pros are);
  • florist services;
  • creative bouquets and original decorated gifts (candy and beer bouquets, etc.);
  • a stall with fast food (if large food chains did not get there, it's generally perfect!).

Ideas for Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal business is a whimsical thing. And it very much depends on where exactly you live. As a rule, he is associated with agricultural work, engaged in the cultivation of seedlings and seeds, the procurement of medicinal plants and food products, offering assistance services in the care of land and crops. However, you can earn in other ways:

  • rent a country house (ski mini-base, tourist house, etc.);
  • to do landscape design;
  • harvest fish (smokehouse, drying, caviar, etc.);
  • become an instructor in archery, airguns, a guide for tourist groups, etc .;
  • make Christmas sweets (gingerbread houses, etc.).

Ideas for Midsize Businesses

If there is at least some capital, the ability to buy the right equipment and even hire people, or simply, at least at first, to attract relatives and friends looking for a side job, these ideas will help you to quickly get out into middle-class businessmen:

  • cleaning (dry cleaning in the complex and at home visiting, cleaning after repair, etc.);
  • impression gifts (organization);
  • online store (any available direction);
  • hostel;
  • turnkey wedding organization (limousines, halls, hosts, etc.);
  • mobile planetariums, cinemas (cars, related equipment);
  • sale of spare parts for discontinued and rare cars;
  • mini brewery.

Ideas for big business

Big business, as a rule, never grows from scratch. Unless you have managed to be born in the "right" family, and before you all the roads are open. Most often, medium-sized entrepreneurship grows into it, when it accumulates fat so much that it is ready to turn into a retail network covering several cities, to make its own large-scale production, etc. Advising something here, of course, is pointless: the larger the business, the harder it is to get into the market with it - everywhere there is its own conjuncture and specifics. However, take a closer look at the following areas, if there is a choice, they will be most in demand in 2020:

  • production of metal seamless siding;
  • products from wood-polymer composites (decking, etc.);
  • second-hand network;
  • network of tire, car repair shops;
  • manufacture of kitchens and furniture to order an elite segment;
  • production of wood concrete blocks;
  • Hotels with unique services (SPA-salons, individual organization of stay, etc.).

Ideas for doing business with Europe

To get started, you can open an online store on Instagram. To receive an order from a client, find it at wholesale retailers abroad and arrange delivery - minimum difficulties, the work can be conveniently automated, but the possibilities are endless. Remember the stories of instantly untwisted resources literally from nothing. In addition, you can do the following:

  • Organize an online store selling creative stuff;
  • Become a guide with your car for tourist trips of compatriots abroad;
  • Open a hosting company;
  • To organize a recruitment agency for staff recruitment for foreign partners - here, and vice versa;
  • Sew and sell clothes for animals, unique accessories for their care.

Ideas for doing business with America

The business ideas that are building a financial bridge between us and the USA cannot be counted. For example, if you have the opportunity, talents and desire, try this:

  • Offer guide services here for American travel companies there;
  • Translate board games and other products, organize their publication here;
  • Join one of the franchises (food networks, production, services, etc.);
  • Open a store on Etsy (Mecca of all handmakers);
  • Get a subsidy from American charitable foundations for the production of biodegradable plastics products, etc.

Well, we hope that among all this variety of ideas for business, you certainly liked something, and we managed to help you make the very first - and the most important! - a small step on the path to your future prosperity and self-realization! Good luck, and, of course, never stop there!

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